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US Special incentives on five products from now through May 31, 2006      27/03/06

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BIAS, Inc. have announced several promotional customer incentives for new retail editions of select BIAS software products purchased direct or through an authorized BIAS dealer between now and May 31st 2006. Here are the offers lifted directly from the latest BIAS press release:
Buy Peak Pro XT 5 - Get Free DDP Export Extension ($399 retail value)
Customers who purchase a new retail copy of Peak Pro XT 5 - the extended technology bundle that includes Peak Pro 5, SoundSoap 2, SoundSoap Pro, and the Master Perfection Suite (six professional audio processing plug-ins for mastering and sound design) - will receive a free DDP (disc description protocol) Export Extension. DDP is the professional format for delivering pre-masters to studios and CD production plants worldwide and ensures 100% data integrity when creating masters for commercial distribution.
Buy Peak Pro 5 - Get Free SoundSoap 2 ($99 retail value)
Customers who purchase a new retail copy of Peak Pro 5 - the industry's leading stereo audio editing, processing, mastering and delivery application for Mac OS X - will receive a free copy of SoundSoap 2 - the highly acclaimed one-click audio cleaning plug-in from BIAS. Ideal for removing tape hiss, clicks and crackles from vinyl transfers, hum, rumble, other types of broadband noise, SoundSoap 2 does the job more quickly and easily than anything else available. While Peak Pro 5 is itself a powerful editing application, the addition of SoundSoap 2 at no additional charge makes the package even more compelling.
Buy Peak LE 5 - Get Free Freq-4 and Sqweez Plug-ins
Customers who purchase a new retail copy of Peak LE 5 - the lite edition of Peak Pro 5 - will receive two professional caliber BIAS plug-ins, Freq-4 and Sqweez, free of charge. Previously available only in Peak Pro 5, Sqweez is a powerful compressor/limiter plug-in, and Freq-4 is an advanced 4-band paragraphic equalizer plug-in based upon it's high-end cousin, SuperFreq (a suite of 4-,6-,8-, and 10-band paragraphic equalizers available exclusively as part of the brand-new BIAS Master Perfection Suite). The addition of these two powerful EQ and compression/limiting plug-ins to Peak LE 5 makes this a very special offer.
Buy SoundSoap Pro - Get Free Peak LE ($129 retail value)
Customers who purchase a new retail copy of SoundSoap Pro - BIAS' professional audio restoration plug-in - will receive a free copy of Peak LE 5 for Mac OS X. Peak's wealth of robust editing and processing features make it the ideal environment for audio restoration. Enabling SoundSoap Pro users to put the LE edition to work in their restoration projects at no additional charge is a major benefit. Customers who intend to use SoundSoap Pro within their favorite DAW will especially appreciate the additional power of Peak LE 5's dedicated sample editing and CD mastering features. For LP and cassette transfers, Peak LE 5 offers a an optimized workflow, and editing features such as "Auto Define Tracks" greatly streamline the process of recording, restoring, and CD burning of material from the analog domain.
Buy SoundSoap 2 - Get Free Peak Express
Customers who purchase a new retail copy of SoundSoap 2 will receive a free copy of Peak Express 5. Peak Express includes many of Peak LE's core editing features in a streamlined edition. Peak Express 5 offers SoundSoap users the power of integrated 24-bit stereo recording, precision waveform sample editing and DSP processing while performing their audio cleaning work. Given that SoundSoap 2 doesn't include an audio editor plug-in host, the addition Peak Express adds substantial value.
Promotion Qualification
The BIAS Spring 2006 Promotion is valid for all customers worldwide who purchase new retail editions of Peak Pro XT 5, Peak Pro 5, Peak LE 5, SoundSoap Pro, and SoundSoap 2 from March 24, 2006 through May 31, 2006. The free products offered in this promotion will be made available to qualifying customers via download and/or serial number after proper completion and submission of the downloadable BIAS Spring Promotion coupon (available on the BIAS Web site) accompanied by a valid sales receipt. Customers purchasing qualifying products from the BIAS online store at MSRP, will receive the additional promotional software immediately following purchase. Offers are not valid for products purchased as upgrades, cross-grades, academic editions, or through other special offers from BIAS. The BIAS Spring 2006 Promotional Coupons can be downloaded here:
  • www.bias-inc.com/store/2006springPromo/
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