Digidesign Announces VENUE D-Show 2.0 Software

US Capabilities extended with powerful new features      24/03/06

Digidesign have announced the D-Show 2.0 software upgrade for the VENUE live sound environment. With extended snapshot automation capabilities, improved workflows developed in response to user requests, and expanded signal routing and control possibilities. According to Digidesign, D-Show 2.0 gives VENUE users enhanced functionality while maintaining the system’s ease of use. The software upgrade also introduces support for two new digital I/O hardware options: the Digital Stage Input (DSI) and Digital Stage Output (DSO) cards.
Digidesign live sound market segment manager Robert Scovill had this to say, “Since its introduction just over a year ago, VENUE’s adoption in all fields of sound reinforcement has been spectacular. In 2005, the system was used on three out of Pollstar’s top 10 revenue grossing tours. The combination of great sound quality, proven reliability, TDM plug-in support and direct connection to industry-standard Pro Tools® workstations make it a powerful mixing solution. With D-Show 2.0 software and the new DSI and DSO cards, the system just keeps gaining in strength — much of it thanks to significant workflow enhancements and feedback we’ve received from our users.� The D-Show 2.0 software upgrade offers the following features:
  • Snapshot Preview Mode enables operators to take the D-Show console offline from the audio mix and create, modify, manage, store, and view snapshots in their entirety without affecting the currently active mix—useful for building cues during a rehearsal or performance and for configuring the console for an upcoming act in a multi-band festival.
  • Recall Safe allows operators to filter the recall of any parameter on any channel or output on a per-scene basis using “scope sets,â€� allowing for real-time adjustments without losing changes with a subsequent snapshot recall.
  • Absolute and Relative Edit Mode enables engineers to make changes to individual controls on the console quickly and apply those changes in an absolute or relative fashion across multiple snapshots without affecting other snapshot data.
  • Enhanced Propagate Mode makes it even easier than before to capture parameter changes after the fact and apply them to one or more snapshots. Developed in response to user requests, D-Show 2.0 software also includes several new features designed to dramatically improve workflow efficiency:
  • Split Fader Banking and Encoder Control enable faders and encoders between the Main Unit and Sidecar(s) to operate independently which allows users to leave key channels available on one unit while banking channels on another. This has the added benefit of allowing multiple users to operate encoders on different banks of the same console simultaneously.
  • Channel Strip Copy/Paste enables operators to copy an entire channel or output and paste it to any desired location, accelerating setup.
  • New signal routing options increase the VENUE system’s flexibility. Operators can now drive plug-ins from Direct Outputs (these appear as input assignments in the Plug-in menu), which can dramatically free up the need for auxiliary effects buses by allowing the user to build numerous variable level parallel processing paths from a single direct output.
  • Stereo Linking/Unlinking of adjacent inputs to the Matrix/PQ enables users to discretely control the left and right side of any source – including Mains LR - feeding a mono Matrix or stereo Personal Qâ„¢ mix.
  • Monitor outputs in the D-Show patchbay allows operators to patch audio digitally from the monitor (solo) bus to physical outputs, as well as to plug-ins.
    Additional enhancements include easier snapshot capture, extended snapshot crossfade time, continued crossfade during recall of subsequent snapshot, visual feedback of snapshot edited status, storable and recallable input and output delay settings, non-contiguous selection of snapshots, and footswitch recall of selected snapshot.
    Finally, D-Show 2.0 software introduces support for Digidesign’s new Digital Stage Input (DSI) and Digital Stage Output (DSO) cards, respectively offering eight channels of digital input or output (either AES/EBU or ADAT digital optical interface standard) for the VENUE Stage Rack. These new hardware options enable a direct digital connection from the VENUE live sound environment to digital speaker processors, format converters, effects processors, playback and record devices, and other ancillary equipment.
    Price and Availability
    The D-Show 2.0 software upgrade retails for $149 and will be available directly from Digidesign Customer Service Administration (CSA) or from authorized VENUE dealers. Users who purchased a VENUE console on or after January 1, 2006 qualify for a free upgrade. More From:
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