New Tuition Books For Popular Sequencers

GarageBand, Reason and Ableton Live 5 all covered      21/03/06

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PC publishing have released new tuition books on GarageBand, Reason and Ableton Live 5.
Here’s the info on each book direct from their press release…
Keep it Simple with GarageBand

This book contains a series of ten easy musicmaking projects written specifically for beginners and amateur musicians. All you need is an Apple Mac computer and GarageBand. No external recording equipment is necessary and no great musical skills are required. Each project is a step towards the completion of a short tune and voice-over track entitled, appropriately enough, Keep It Simple With Garage Band. Anybody can do these projects. You start by constructing a rhythm section and adding a funky horn section, using Apple loops. After discovering a few neat editing tricks you'll learn how to use your computer keyboard as a musical typewriter and to add lush Hollywood-style strings to your creation. Finally, you record a simple voice-over track. And after some fun, gender-bending your voice and discovering some of the brilliant effects available in GarageBand, youll be initiated into the black arts of mixing: balancing the individual tracks, adding reverb and exporting the finished production to iTunes. A finished version of each project is available for download for comparison. Each chapter finishes with an assignment and further ontopic reading. Keep it Simple with GarageBand!
Music Projects with Reason

Have you ever wanted to make music like your favourite artists and bands? Have you ever wondered how certain styles of music are composed and created? With this book and your copy of Reason, you can discover how it all works, and learn how to make great tracks in the musical style of your choice. Reason is perfectly suited to making electronic music, but it’s capable of much more than that. This book shows you how different styles of music are put together and how you can make them for yourself in Reason. Ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced users, the book covers essentials like choosing a computer, setting it up for audio work and optimizing Reason for maximum performance. It contains detailed workshops on eight major musical genres – Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dub, House, Techno, Trip Hop, Trance and Electropop. As well as learning about the history and the leading artists in these genres, you will master the ins and outs of using Reason to compose in any of these styles. The book also shows you how to mix, export and publish your finished tracks. Backed up by an online resource of song files, sounds, links and information, Music Projects with Propellerhead Reason will help you get the most out of Reason and take your musicmaking to the next level and beyond.
Ableton Live 5 Tips and Tricks

Ableton Live is the cross-platform software which has rocked the music world – gathering ardent fans in a way usually associated with performers rather than software. Musicians, DJs, remixers, composers, and producers alike have embraced Live, and it’s fast becoming the universal software studio. This book will give Live novices an insight into working methods that otherwise would take months to discover. For the more experienced user it promises a quick catch-up with Live 5’s new developments, and a new perspective on some of Live’s more established features. The book does not duplicate the Live user manual, it expands upon it, and introduces creative concepts, workflow enhancements, and workrounds for common objectives and problems. It also includes interviews with high-profile Live users in a variety of musical genres; passing on their real-world experiences to you. Although the Live interface is remarkably simple, there’s a lot of power under the surface. This book will show you new ways to access that power.
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Available now in the UK. Price £9.95 GBP each More from:

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