BFD Jazz & Funk Collection Introduced

Latest expansion pack adds even more versatility      01/03/06

BFD Jazz & Funk Collection  Introduced

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The newest addition to the BFD range is the BFD Jazz & Funk Collection - the fourth expansion pack for FXpansion's BFD premium acoustic drum module.
Fxpansion tell us that the versatility of the precision instruments in BFD Jazz & Funk Collection mean that it’s perfect for jazz, funk, pop, soul, hip-hop, R&B, blues, country, fusion, folk, rock and far beyond.
The collection was recorded at Omega Studios, Maryland, by a new engineering and production team led by John Emrich. The kits were recorded in a warm, bright-sounding room, using high-end mics and preamps chosen for their transparency and accuracy. Most of the instruments in the collection are provided in stick and brushed versions, with selected pieces also played with mallets, rods and even, in some cases, hands. A wide range of controlled, dynamic articulations are featured, including some never heard before in a BFD library. Snare cross-sticks and brush sweeps offer new expressive potential.
BFD Jazz & Funk Collection is centred around three kits - a Slingerland, a Yamaha and a 6-tom Gretsch. Several high-resolution hihats are included along with a vast array of Sabian, Wuhan and Zildjian cymbals. A variety of additional kicks and snares including vintage classics like a Ludwig Super Sensitive snare, a 1970s Slingerland 32� kick and a restored 1940s Leedy 26� kick, further expand the musical possibilities
  • 55 GB of pure, detailed drums
  • Complete kits by Gretsch (dual kick and 6 toms), Yamaha and Slingerland
  • Snares include a 1973 Ludwig Super Sensitive, Pearl Free Floating, Gregg McDonald 6x14â€�, Rogers 1960s Powertone and 1950s Luxor
  • New brushed snare hit types: closed hits, short and long sweeps
  • Kicks include a 1970s 32â€� Slingerland and a restored 1940s 26" Leedy
  • Comprehensive cymbal selection, with a huge range Of Sabian cymbals
  • Sabian 18â€� ride and Wuhan 18â€� china with sizzles, brushes and sticks
  • Brushed toms, cymbals, snares and hihats
  • Selected instruments played with mallets, rods and hands
Price and Availability:
BFD Jazz & Funk Collection is available direct from FXpansion’s online store for $249 USD/ 199 Euro / £129 GBP, excluding local taxes where applicable. More info:


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