WNAMM06: Virus OS Update TIOS 1.1

US New OS for Ti      01/02/06

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WNAMM06: Virus OS Update TIOS 1.1
Ben and Phil show off the Ti

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Now that the latest synth from the Access camp is available, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that there’s also been a new OS update. TIOS 1.1 brings a number of new features and enhancements to the TI range. Details on the OS follow, but new Apple customers will be pleased to know that all the Ti software components are to be available as universal binaries (they will run natively on the new Mac-Tels). MOTU and Protools users will also be getting VirusControl support with native Digital Performer and RTAS. These releases are expected before April 2006 so keep an eye out. Virus TIOS 1.1 Details
Version 1.1 features an array of enhancements and new functionalities and will be available during February, 2006. Besides improved stability, there are two new browser functions (“Sort By Category� and “Search by Name�) and the new Remote Mode to turn the Virus TI into a universal midi control surface. VIRUSControl can now automatically build banks based on sound categories. Every Virus TI patch is stored with one or two categories. This information can now be used to easily search for specific sounds regardless of the patch name. “Search by Name� allows you to enter a string of text and search for patches by name (including partial match) among all onboard sounds and in sound banks stored on your computer’s hard drive. It is lightning fast and can literally search ten thousand patches in a couple of milliseconds. New remote mode turns the Virus TI into a fully programmable universal MIDI control surface with 32 knobs. Up to 32 preset scenes can be stored in the hardware, each storing up to 32 midi knob assignments and names. Remote Mode does not interfere with the sound engine and can operate as standalone hardware or in your sequencer with VirusControl. Access will provide a library of remote templates which can also be edited using VirusControl, and users can also create and share their own templates. OS 1.1. will be available in February 2006
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