NAMM06: Mackie Introduces Quad Series Digital Processors

US Four channel compressor and graphic EQ launched      01/02/06

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Mackie, in collaboration with Acuma Labs and SIA Software has introduced the Quad Series of digital signal processors. The Quad Series processors combine high-quality 24-bit processing and stellar audio performance with intuitive and feature-packed user interfaces designed for serious live sound applications.
The Mackie Quad EQ is an innovative four-channel, 30-band digital graphic equalizer, which for the first time ever combines Smaart real-time analysis (RTA) and a sound pressure level (SPL) meter. It offers brilliant sounding 24-bit processing and Mackie’s Adaptive-Q filters for extremely precise EQ adjustments. A highly accurate, easy-to-read front panel featuring 31 bi-color LED ladders allows the user to view RTA and EQ settings simultaneously. This allows the Quad EQ to provide instant visual reinforcement of EQ changes and their effect through the sound system to the engineer.
The Quad EQ includes a bundled SIA reference microphone for real-time frequency analysis and SPL monitoring, as well as a host of useful features like stereo linking of channels A/B and C/D, simultaneous A, B and C-weighted SPL meter functionality, a built-in Pink Noise generator, and professional XLR and TRS input and output connectors. Finally, 99 user-definable snapshots provide easy storage and recall of repeatedly used settings.

    Quad EQ Features:
  • 4-channels of digital 30 band, Adaptive-Q graphic equalizers
  • Variable High and Low pass filters on each channel
  • Built-in Smaart RTA (Real Time Analyzer) of input or mic signals
  • Simultaneous EQ and RTA display
  • A, B, and C weighted dB-SPL meter function
  • Built-in Pink noise generator
  • 99 snapshots for instant recall of settings
  • Stereo Linking of channels A and B, C and D
  • Intuitive, easy to use front panel
  • Professional-grade XLR & TRS input/output connections
  • “Planet Earthâ€� Power Supply (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
The Mackie Quad Comp/Gate features four channels of compression/limiting and expansion/gating and delivers superior precision and dynamic control through a highly intuitive and responsive user interface. Digital technology offers several advantages over analog compressors, including much faster attack settings, and offering 99 user-definable and instantly recallable presets, which can come in handy during fast changeovers from one act to the next. Built-in key filters provide incredible accuracy for independent triggering of the compressors and gates based on desired frequencies, while a Key Listen feature allows users to monitor the specific frequency range of the key filter. Plus, the Quad Comp/Gate’s “Auto� feature automatically monitors input transients and adjusts attack and release times to eliminate the all-too-common “pumping� effect typical of most compressor/limiters.

Quad Comp/Gate Features:
  • 4-channels of 24-bit digital compression/limiting and gate/expansion
  • Custom algorithms developed by Acuma Labs
  • Individual per-channel gain reduction and output metering
  • Individual key filtering per comp and gate channels
  • 99 snapshots for instant storage and recall of settings
  • Stereo Linking of channels A and B, C and D
  • Intuitive, easy to use front panel
  • Professional input/output connections (XLR & TRS)
  • Additional external side chain connections
  • “Planet Earthâ€� Power Supply (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
    Price and Availability
    The Quad Series will be available in Q2 2006 and will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1199.99 and $999.99, for the Quad/EQ and Quad Comp/Gate, respectively. More info:
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