NAMM06: Vox Expands DA Digital Amplifier Range

US All new DA15 joins the DA5 to make two compact affordable packages      30/01/06

NAMM06: Vox Expands DA Digital Amplifier Range

Following the recent launch of the DA5 Digital Amplifier, VOX has expanded its DA range of digital amplifiers with the new DA15.
Compact and affordable, both amps feature 11 carefully selected guitar amplifier tones, 11 built-in high-quality effects, a familiar knob-based control panel, plus 24-bit/44.1 kHz signal processing for outstanding dynamics and audio quality. Vox tell us that the DA15 and DA5 are ideal for a variety of musical styles with instantly dialled up tonesranging from pristine clean, to outrageous overdrive, to chunking rhythm. Eleven single and combination effects are built-in including auto wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo and rotary plus noise reduction. Users have the ability to adjust the parameters of every effect and a Tap button allows easy set up of time or modulation speed effects.
Here’s Vox’s own summary of the two amps…
The DA15 — Dual Channel Control with Live Performance Features
The DA15 enables users to program and tweak their own combination of amp and effects settings and store them using the Channel Select mode. Two user program locations give instant access to the stored sounds. Manual mode (in which the sound heard is exactly what the knob settings indicate) provides immediate access to a third sound. The optional VFS2 dual foot switch can be used to switch between the user programs (CH1, CH2) or to bypass the effects. Alternatively, it can be used to activate the Manual mode instead of Effect Bypass, for hands-free switching between three different sounds (two user programs and Manual setting). In addition to a VOX proprietary 8-inch, 8 Ohm speaker, a headphone/line output provides convenient connection to headphones or a recorder/mixer. This output adds cabinet tonality and character for a sense of ‘air’ and depth.
The DA5 — For Guitarists on the Go
For ultimate portability, the DA5 can operate on battery power. Other convenient features include a unique power select switch that lets the user adjust the power amplifier output by choosing one of three values: 5 Watts, 1.5 Watts or 0.5 Watt. This allows the master volume to be turned up all the way up to drive the power amp for maximum tone and feel while keeping the output volume level reasonable, and can also reduce battery power consumption. An AUX IN can accept line level signals for connecting a mixer or CD/MP3 player, and a separate MIC IN with its own level control completes the package. All inputs may be used simultaneously, enabling the DA5 to serve as a complete rehearsal amplification solution. A VOX proprietary 6.5-inch, 8 Ohm speaker is featured, plus a headphone/line output for private practicing or direct connection to a mixer or recorder. Weighing in at a just over 7.5 pounds, the ultra-portable DA5 can be powered by either the included AC adapter or by six C batteries for legendary VOX tone on the go.
Price and Availability
The VOX DA15 and DA5 are available immediately with respective U.S. MSRPs of $230.00 and $190.
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