NAMM06: Logic Pro 7.2 for Intel Macs

US Unversal Binary, plus Apogee and Serato compatibility      30/01/06

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Strange that Apple have been so quiet about this crossgrade, I met them at NAMM and it wasn’t mentioned at all - ho hum, the workings of Infinite Loop are still a mystery to me. The Logic Pro 7.2 Crossgrade as it’s being called, apart from now being able to run natively on the new Intel based macs - (guess who bought a Powerbook last year – doh!) which is quite a big deal, apparently performance is even impressing Logic chief architect Gerhard Lengeling. You also get extended compatibility with the latest hardware from Apogee (the Ensemble), the DAE that ships with ProTools 7.1, plus a specially released version of Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time - until recently, the only viable option for timestretching without artifacts. The new Pitch n Time LE runs under AU and integrates into the Time and Pitch Machines within Logic Pro. Here’s the full skinny on the crossgrade: Integrated support for new Apogee Ensemble interface
Logic Pro 7.2 offers integrated support for the new Ensemble FireWire audio interface solution from Apogee Electronics, providing superb Apogee sound quality, mix-and-match expandability, and breakthrough pricing. Multiple parameters — including headphone level, metering source, output levels, and even microphone input gain — can be manipulated from a control panel within Logic Pro. Digidesign Pro Tools HD 7 DAE support
Logic Pro 7.2 is fully compatible with the Pro Tools 7.1 version of DAE. All features are supported, including ESB and EXS24TDM. Note that users must install an updated Digidesign Stream Manager framework library file, which is downloadable from the Digidesign support website. Users of Pro Tools 6.9 and earlier must use Logic Pro 7.1 or earlier. Serato Pitch ‘n Time support
Logic Pro users can purchase a specially released AU-compatible version of the legendary Pitch ‘n Time plug-in from Serato — providing access to its extraordinary algorithms directly from Logic Pro’s Time and Pitch Machine or from the audio time stretch options in the Arrange window. Available exclusively within Logic Pro 7.2, this option delivers astonishingly rich and natural-sounding results, even at extreme settings. Improved Rewire support
Logic Pro 7.2 provides support for stereo Rewire objects — and now clearly labels the incoming Rewire streams to reflect the source application. In addition, you can create Rewire objects directly from the Create Multiple option in the Arrange window. Enhanced Control Surfaces support
The Arrange window in version 7.2 displays a vertical bar in the track list to indicate which tracks are displayed on the control surface. This is especially useful with supported control surfaces that do not provide LCD or other feedback information, such as the newly supported iControl from M-Audio. 32-channel support for multi-channel Audio Units instruments
Users of multi-channel Audio Unit instrument applications — such as the popular BFD — will welcome increased output capacity to 32 mono-channels. GarageBand 3 compatibility
Logic Pro 7.2 ensures compatibility with Garageband 3 sessions by providing the following new features. Playback of compressed files
Logic Pro 7.2 allows you to play back AAC and Apple Lossless files directly — with no need for conversion. This feature ensures session compatibility with Garageband 3 and offers great sonic quality with the convenience of smaller file sizes. Ducking plug-in
Ducker offers easy-to-use ducking functionality on Output or Bus tracks. Speech enhancement plug-in
Speech Enhancer provides a simple option for cleaning up and enhancing recordings made with the built-in microphones. New royalty-free jingles and sound effects Apple Loops
Logic Pro 7.2 includes the same Jingles and Sound Effects library that ship with iLife ’06. A dedicated Effects button in the Loop Browser makes it easy to view and filter this new collection of sounds. The library includes more than 200 Sound Effects and 100 Jingles.
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