NAMM06: Korg Introduce New Toneworks Guitar Processors

Three new AX series models for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass      28/01/06

NAMM06: Korg Introduce New Toneworks Guitar Processors

Buying Choices
We have reported on the guitar and bass models from the Music Live show in the UK but at NAMM ToneWorks have been showing all three of their new dedicated modeling signal processors - the AX3G (electric guitar), AX3B (bass guitar) and AX3A (acoustic guitar). Each unit is powered by Korg’s proprietary REMS technology and features 80 programs (40 preset, 40 user), 57 effects models (43 in the AX3A) with editable parameters, a Korg auto chromatic tuner with mute for silent onstage tuning and an intuitive, knob-based interface for quick, easy program and effect selection.
Here’s Korg’s summary of the three units…
The AX3G — for the Guitarist
The AX3G delivers highly accurate models of 16 classic and modern amplifiers plus models of 10 of the most sought after speaker cabinets ranging from 4x12s to combos. A complete selection of popular effects pedals like compressor and wah-wah as well as ambient effects like delay and reverb are provided. More exotic offerings include a drone effect for sitar sounds, acoustic guitar simulation and an effect that reproduces the sounds of different pickups. Six effects can be used simultaneously, including noise reduction.
The AX3B — for the Bassist
The AX3B provides meticulous models of 16 famous bass amps ranging from vintage to modern, plus models of 10 popular bass amp speaker cabinets. A full complement of effects including compressor, octaver, reverb, fretless, bowed and synth bass are also provided. Six effects can be used simultaneously, including noise reduction.
The AX3A — for the Electric-Acoustic Guitarist
The AX3A is designed for use with piezo-equipped acoustic and electric guitars. It features 43 models including the world’s most beloved acoustics in a variety of body styles ranging from dreadnought to nylon-string to resonator. A selection of 10 microphone models as well as a collection of effects crafted especially for acoustic guitars are provided. Effects include stereo chorus, echo, delay, reverb, a notch filter for reducing unwanted feedback and more. Up to seven effects can be used simultaneously, including noise reduction.
Additional features for each compact unit include an expression pedal input that can be used to control wah-wah or volume and a dual-purpose line/headphone output jack (stereo 1/4"). An easy-to-read LED indicator provides an instant visual reference of program information. The AX3-series modeling signal processors can be powered by four AA batteries or via an optional AC adapter.
Price and Availability
The ToneWorks AX3G and AX3B are currently available with respective U.S. MSRPs of $99 and $109. The AX3A is available February 2006 with a U.S. MSRP of $109.
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