WNAMM06: Looperlative LP1 – The Art of Looping

US Advanced stereo 8 track looper      24/01/06

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WNAMM06: Looperlative LP1 – The Art of Looping
Advanced looping from Looperlative (click to enlarge)

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We heard about this one from a couple of people while we were at the Analog Haven booth, the LP1 is an open Looping system with eight independent stereo tracks. Each track can be synchronized with any other track or it can be asynchronous with the rest of the tracks. Because all eight tracks are run by a single processor, synchronized tracks will never drift apart. The eight tracks can be independently adjusted with volume and feedback controls. Not only are there eight tracks, but each track is fully stereo. All audio inputs and outputs are fully stereo. Analog audio is sampled at over 6 Mhz, digitally filtered, and then resampled at the standard 48 kHz sample rate. The analog-to-digital conversion produces 24-bit digital audio which is then stored and processed as 32-bit digital audio by the digital signal processor (DSP). The audio is then converted back to analog through 24-bit digital-to-analog converters. The result is a very natural sounding audio output. Once you have your loop inside the LP1 you can control it using MIDI. MIDI can be used to control the LP1 or provide a synchronization interface reading and generating MIDI clock. The on-board ethernet interface allows the software to be easily upgraded, indeed Looperlative intend to update the system over time, offering an online forum where customers can discuss and presumably request features. The LP1 can record, play, stop, and overdub tracks. It can reverse individual tracks at any time during playback. It can speed up or slow down a track. Track volume and feedback can be altered from the front panel, MIDI buttons, or MIDI expression pedals. Feedback levels are applied to each sample as it is played. The LP1 offers immediate and delayed stop and play for seamless transitions. Expected price is $1500 US and is available directly through their website with units being available within 2 months.

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