WNAMM06: IK Demonstrates Stomp IO

US Advanced professional USB foot controller for AmpliTube 2      24/01/06

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WNAMM06: IK Demonstrates Stomp IO

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IK Multimedia have released details to the press of its highly-anticipated StompIO which they have been demonstrating at the show. So not only can we give you the full printed details in full but you can also see it in action as filmed by the Sonicstate video team…
The Stomp IO is revolutionary new USB foot controller creatively designed to be compatible with the new AmpliTube 2, guitar and FX modeling plug-in which is soon to be released (see separate story). Here’s the details, in their own words, that IK have released…
Combined with a computer, StompIO revolutionizes the modeling processor market: with some of the best sounds ever available in a floor unit, the staggering power of PC based DSP modeling, 20,000 amp combinations, 32 effects on 2 rigs, and all of these parameters are controllable with exactly the same feeling as a traditional guitar floor processor (without the need to even see a monitor or touch a mouse).
AmpliTube 2 and StompIO together form one of the most powerful floor processing systems ever made. No other hardware unit can benefit from the huge processing power of the modern CPU. This translates into better sounds and more powerful features, such as smooth preset changing. This advanced software/hardware system gives you direct access to over 4,000 instantly playable presets for a monstrous sound set-up. 10 foot switches, 7 knobs, 2 large displays, up to 6 configurable external controllers, MIDI IN/OUT, hi-quality direct IN, USB, SPDIF, balanced/unbalanced stereo OUT and more, all in a rugged metal construction.
Easy to use, 4,000 presets ready to go, can be played live or fully integrated with your preferred sequencer. Connect your guitar, computer and speaker and you are ready to go ballistic with effects! 5 preset switching modes are offered to accommodate your most comfortable and creative playing style. The possibility to reconfigure extremely complex rigs with a step allows you to switch dramatic sounds while performing, unlike what you can do with old-school traditional rigs.
Ultra-low latency with enhanced custom drivers quicker than the fastest audio card. StompIO includes very fast drivers with latency tailored for the most demanding live play. At only 2mS, they are 30% quicker than the fastest card on the market. This means StompIO can be used to play live or record with virtually ZERO latency.
Powered by AmpliTube 2, the super modeling guitar amp and effects application. AmpliTube is an award-winning guitar amp and FX modeling application, and now with version 2 and new DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology, it offers an accuracy of sound that can’t be found anywhere else. AmpliTube 2 offers more than 20,000 amp combinations from more than 80 different pieces of emulated guitar gear. Control 2 complete rigs and insert up to 20 effects selectable from over 32 stomp and rack effects. Completely craft 2 individual amps with a selection of Amp Heads and separate Preamps, EQs and Power Amp models, as well as cabinets and microphone response.
StompIO Features:
Controls list:
  • 4 digits large display LCD
  • 40X2 Large alphanumeric display of characters
  • Volume knob
  • 3 LED levels
  • 4 navigation buttons
  • Instant Tuner recall button
  • 6 knobs with rotary encoders
  • 10 foot switches
  • Ability to connect 6 external controllers, with pedal/switch connections
    Connection list:
  • Ultra-low latency USB
  • High Quality Direct Guitar IN
  • Direct OUT
  • Low-level STEREO OUT
  • Balanced STEREO OUT
  • Digital SPDIF OUT
  • Headphones OUT
  • 6 external controller, pedal/switch
    Pricing & availability: AmpliTube StompIO will be available soon from IK Multimedia and its distributor/dealer network worldwide. More detailed information on the pricing of StompIO will be made available online soon. More info:
  • www.ikmultimedia.com
  • www.amplitube.com/AT2OverviewStompIO.html
  • www.amplitube.com/AT2Overview.html
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