NAMM06:Amplitube 2 To Ship In February

US Completely redesigned amp and effects software      24/01/06

NAMM06:Amplitube 2 To Ship In February

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We’ve been waiting on this one for a long time, after announcing the release of Amplitube 2 last year, IK Multimedia have announced that it will be finally shipping in February. Phew!!! AmpliTube 2 is the follow up sequel to IK’s award-winning guitar amp and effects plug-in, AmpliTube. It is a major upgrade and a completely redesigned new application. Below is all the information taken directly from the IK press release…
A complete guitar amp modeling solution and guitar effects powerhouse. The new AmpliTube 2 offers everything needed to craft your own signature guitar tones with 5 separate modules, including Tuner, Stomp, Amp Head, Miked Cabinet and Rack Effects on 2 series/parallel guitar rigs. 14 Preamps and EQs, 7 Power Amps, 16 Cabinets, 6 Microphones, 21 Stomp Effects, and 11 Rack Effects make AmpliTube 2 the most comprehensive guitar Amp and Effects Modeling plug-in to date.
Ultra-accurate modeling of the most sought-after guitar gear, with unique DSM™ technology. AmpliTube 2’s advanced DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology offers astounding realistic quality with attention to “component by component� modeling. Over 80 guitar gear emulations have been included with popular amp models based on Fender®, Vox®, Marshall®, THD®, Supro®, and more. Stomp Box effects are modeled after rare vintage gear, with models based on Arbiter® FuzzFace®, Ibanez® Tube Screamer®, MXR® Dynacomp™, MXR® Phase100™, Electro Harmonix® Memory Man™ and more.
Mix and match amp components to build your own custom amp within 20,000 amp combinations. Only AmpliTube 2 offers each individual guitar amp component modeled separately, allowing you to freely create a staggering 20,000 amp combinations! Mix and match Preamps, EQs, Power Amps and Cabinets with some of the most famous guitar amps of all time, to completely customize hybrid amp creations and craft your own, truly creative sound.
Easy to use, with hundreds of presets ready to go. With an interface neatly organized the same way a guitar rig is laid out, AmpliTube 2 has the natural organization and feel that appeals to every guitar player. Right out of the box, there are over 400 different programmed Guitar Amp and FX preset combinations covering virtually any famous signature guitar tone you ever dreamed of.
What’s new in AmpliTube 2: AmpliTube 2 maintains its traditional high-end sound and ease of use while offering tremendously enhanced new features:
  • Completely redesigned interface and enhanced DSP software with new DSMâ„¢ technology (Dynamic Saturation Modeling).
  • 5 separate modules including Tuner, Stomp, Amp-head, Miked Cabinet and Rack effects with over 80 guitar-gear emulations included.
  • Build your own custom Amp with the extreme flexibility of combining between separate Pre, EQ, Power Amp, Cabinet + Microphone modeling; which make up more than 20,000 possible amp combinations.
  • 21 stomp effects available from accurate modeling of rare vintage effects pedals.
  • 11 rack effects including hi-quality parametric EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, pitchshifter, harmonizer, stereo-widener, rotary speaker and more…
  • 2 simultaneous guitar-rigs available with the choice of series or parallel connections between the modules
  • Super-flexible routing for Stomp and Rack Effects with 20 simultaneous configurable effects’ slots
  • Works seamlessly with the new AmpliTube StompIOâ„¢, a dedicated USB foot controller able to fully control AmpliTube 2, live and in the studio, with the same feeling and playability of a traditional floor-processor; for a new level of integration between hardware and software and a new generation of PC-based effects.
    With 20,000 possible amp combinations and fully configurable stomp box and rack effects there’s virtually no limit to the amount of tones you can get! A wide variety of audio riff demos are now available online so you can get a sneak preview of what AmpliTube 2 sounds like! All of these riffs were recorded with just AmpliTube 2 and no additional processing or mastering, so they are true to “what you hear is what you’ll get�. To check out AmpliTube 2’s riff demos, please visit:

    System Minimum Requirements
  • Macintosh 866MHz Power Macintosh® G4, with 512MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, 1024x768
    screen thousands of colors.
  • Windows® Pentium® III 1GHz/AthlonTM XP 1.33GHz with 256MB of RAM, Windows XP, 1024x768 screen thousands of colors.
    Pricing & availability: AmpliTube 2 will have an introductory MSRP price of $399/€329 for the full version and $249/€199 for the upgrades. All customers of AmpliTube 1 full or upgrade, AmpliTube 1 LE /SE and AmpliTube Live are eligible for the upgrade to AmpliTube 2 at reduced prices. Customers who registered their AmpliTube 1 full version from September 1st, 2005 on will receive a free upgrade to AmpliTube 2. AmpliTube 2 will be available in February from IK Multimedia and its distributor/dealer network worldwide. More info:
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