NAMM06: RiffWorks Gets New Drums (And Drummers)

Riffworks Recording Software makes arrangements with both Discrete Drums and DrumCore      23/01/06

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Sonoma Wire Works and Discrete Drums have entered into an agreement to bring Discrete Drums’ original multi-track drum sessions to Sonoma Wire Works’ InstantDrummer format, giving RiffWorks recording software users even more high quality drum recordings to incorporate into their music.
In a separate move, Sonoma and Submersible Music have entered into an agreement to bring select content (drum loops and fills) from Submersible’s popular DrumCore software to InstantDrummer. This will give RiffWorks recording software users access to grooves by Matt Sorum (The Cult, Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal), Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley), Alan White (Yes, John Lennon) and other great drummers.
Doug Wright from Sonoma Wire Works said this of the new alliances, “We are excited to have Discrete Drums industry acclaimed content for the RiffWorks community and we are excited to add DrumCore’s celebrity drummers to our ever growing list of available InstantDrummer Sessions. With the stand alone version of RiffWorks coming for PC and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs), offering new features such as RiffLink online collaboration and RiffCaster instant podcasting technology, RiffWorks users have a lot to look forward to.�
Rick DiFonzo from Discrete Drums had this to say, “These collections will give RiffWorks users more options than they’ve ever had (without hiring a drummer). We hope you are inspired by the performances of these amazing drummers, and spend many happy hours creating. That's what it's all about - creativity. Enjoy.�
RiffWorks’ recording software includes a unique InstantDrummer that easily adds drummer content into RiffWorks users’ recordings. InstantDrummer offers a range of intensities and adjustable variation for each drummer session with no programming necessary. Discrete Drums’ multi-track drum sessions are recorded with professional drummers in cutting-edge studios. They are a perfect fit with RiffWorks’ InstantDrummer technology.
Dave Dysart from Submersible Music remarked, “RiffWorks makes computer-based songwriting more accessible. Our approach is similar, in that we cater to those more interested in writing and playing than reading manuals. We’re happy to bring some of our great grooves to RiffWorks to make it even easier to be inspired and write great songs.�
The content will be based on Submersible ‘GrooveSets’ which are recorded at multiple bpms to provide superior drummer feel and sound quality. All grooves were recorded in professionally designed studios using state-of-the-art digital (ProTools HD3) and analog (SSL, Neumann, Cole, Neve, etc).

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