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IK Multimedia have announced the ‘Bundle Series’ collection of music production tools.
With a growing line of diverse recording and live play audio tools, IK will be releasing a series of collectively designed Bundle Packages in 2006, specifically tailored to meet the needs of each musician.
IK believe that their Bundle Series offers the perfect solution for recording, arranging and playing any style of music and that their application-oriented plug-in packages include everything needed to create professional sounding music, with all the effects and instruments found in a high-quality recording and post-production studio. Flexibly arranged, with anywhere from 2 to 7 of IK’s premier production software applications in one box, IK say that they have made these bundles specific to the needs of the musician and designed themto help take music production to the next level.
  • 6 affordable packages will be available - we have listed them below with IK's own descriptions
  • Guitar & Bass Bundle
    AmpliTube® 2 and Ampeg® SVX-The combination of AmpliTube 2 and Ampeg® SVX provides a slammin’ guitar amp and bass effects processing powerhouse! Record guitar tracks and play LIVE with AmpliTube 2’s astounding 20,000 amp combinations. This unique software warms digital sounds, delivers powerhouse distortion, and allows you to tailor tones with amazing ease and accuracy. Get legendary and dynamic sounds from Ampeg® SVX for bass tracks! Go effects ballistic and use the signature power of IK’s DSM technology to craft any guitar or bass tone, including vocals, for a truly creative sound!
  • Workstation Bundle
    SampleTank® 2.1 XL, Sonik Synth™ 2 and Miroslav Philharmonik™- All of IK’s premier software virtual synthesizers in one complete package designed to provide every sound for every genre and style of music. The award-winning SampleTank 2.1 XL, has become the industry standard sound module and comes stocked with over 6GB of loops and samples in every style and category, along with the amazing ability to import samples and loops for sculpture with 3 synth engines, including STRETCH technology and 50 synth/sampler editing parameters. It gives you lightning fast access to an arsenal of thousands of high-quality multi-sampled sounds. Get beautiful and lush sounding orchestral and choir sounds with Miroslav Philharmonik, IK’s orchestral workstation, with Over 7 GB of samples from the original library of Miroslav Vitous. Philharmonik includes expressive instrument articulations and choirs. Plus, get a “virtual museum� of synths and several GB of motion beds with Sonik Synth 2, IK’s synth workstation. Offering atmospheric sounds and a wide range of electronic drums, synth textures, 32 built-in effects and a healthy selection of acoustic instruments, Sonik Synth 2 provides an all-in-one music production workstation.
  • Effects Bundle
    Classik Studio Reverb™ and T-RackS®-A complete professional signal processing effects package designed to get the trusted and superior sound needed for hit-quality music. Combining IK’s award-winning mastering suite, T-RackS® with IK’s new hardware-modeled reverb processor, Classik Studio Reverb, and the “Effects Bundle� provides everything you need to create polished and warm sounding instrument/vocal tracks and final mixes. T-RackS is the world’s most complete analog mastering plug-in. Classik Studio reverb is a suite of four high-quality reverbs. This bundle can turn your masters into “gold,� add warmth and breath to your mix tracks, and help launch your music to the top.
  • Studio Bundle
    SampleTank 2 XL, AmpliTube 2 and T-RackS- The classic IK Studio Bundle is ideal for 360° professional or project music production and offers the perfect solution for playing, recording and arranging your own music. The savings package includes all the instruments needed in a highquality recording and post-production studio.
  • Effects Bundle Deluxe
    AmpliTube® 2, Ampeg® SVX, Classik Studio Reverb™ and T-RackS®-An Effects powerhouse offering 4 different types of signal processing options; there is no limit to the creative sound you can master from IK’s deluxe package of effects software. Create customized guitar amp and FX modeling from AmpliTube 2’s 20,000 amp combos, for recording or live play. Craft legendary bass tones from Ampeg® SVX, also live or in the studio. Warm up vocals and instrument tracks with Classik Studio Reverb, and then master the entire mix with T-RackS®.
  • Studio Bundle Deluxe
    The entire collection of IK plug-ins: AmpliTube 2, Ampeg SVX, Classik Studio Reverb, T-RackS, SampleTank 2 XL, Sonik Synth 2 and Miroslav Philharmonik all in one box. All the necessary professional quality production tools for everything needed to jam live, compose, produce, affect, import, sculpt and master every style and genre of music; be it orchestral, pop, hiphop or experimental. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you play, the IK Studio Bundle Deluxe makes it easy to create superb-quality sounds and productions.

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