NAMM06: Alesis Introduce Multipurpose Amp/Mixer

US Transactive 50 is a versatile amp/PA for keyboardists and vocalists      20/01/06

NAMM06: Alesis Introduce Multipurpose Amp/Mixer

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Alesis have launched the Transactive 50 Multipurpose Amplifier / Mixer. Designed for musicians who require practice or stage amplification, or as a compact PA setup for intimate club work, the economical Transactive 50 incorporates a 5-inch low frequency driver and a 1-inch tweeter, provides 50 watts of power, two input channels, one aux input and a selection of internal digital effects.
Featuring two channels—each capable of accepting quarter-inch stereo signals with post-fader reverb effects—the Transactive 50 should make an ideal practice unit for gigging keyboard players. Alternatively, for vocal performers working small rooms, Channel 1 provides a ‘Combo’ connector for accepting microphones with either XLR or quarter-inch connectors. A mic stand mount on the underside of the molded enclosure tfacilitates use of the Transactive 50 as a PA system or keyboard stage monitor.
The Transactive 50 provides a variety of digital effects, with 15 preset effects (reverb, chorus, delay, rotary) and a three-band EQ in the unit’s master section which should enable both keyboardists and vocalists to contour the sound precisely to their liking. There is also a Stereo Link capability which enables users to connect the Stereo Link output of one Transactive 50 to the inputs of a second unit and achieve true stereo via dual cabinets while still retaining additional inputs (1 mono, 1 stereo, 1 aux) for the mixer. For enjoying true stereo effects with a single Transactive 50, there is a quarter-inch stereo headphones output incorporated into the unit’s rear panel.
To round out the feature set, the Transactive 50 provides RCA Aux inputs for patching CD/MP3 players or similar electronic equipment into the system. Furthermore, the Transactive 50’s ergonomics are user-friendly – there’s a handle slot designed right into the unit’s rugged injection molded enclosure for easy carrying, fluorescent lighting above the front panel controls for viewing settings under low light conditions, and the ability to wall mount the unit for use as an installed PA cabinet.
Commenting on the capabilities of the new Transactive 50, Alesis CEO Jack O’Donnell noted, “The Transactive 50 is a versatile performer and a noteworthy addition to Alesis’ growing line of keyboard/PA amplifier products. Its compact size and rich feature set make this amp/mixer a terrific choice in a wide range of music environments.�
Pricing and availability
Suggested retail price: $399. Available in the first quarter of 2006
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