FabFilter Twin Synth Plug Released

Kudos to Dutch coders for smooth oscillators and filters      04/01/06

FabFilter Twin Synth Plug Released
FabFilter Twin is smooooooth

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Released between Christmas and New Year (grr, some of us have a holiday then), the new FabFilter Twin is a dual platform (OS X and Windows), two oscillator synth plug-in featuring silky smooth filters with excellent analogue-like filters, unique drag-and-drop modulation slots that make complex sounds very easy to design. FabFilter Twins oscillators are amassing praise for their extremely smooth and alias free sound. They come armed with triangle, sawtooth, and square wave forms, with hard sync, pulse width, phase sync, plus stereo panning, together with smooth polyphonic portamento. The two independent multimode filters in FabFilter Twin are based on FabFilter's unique digital filter technology with three different filter characteristics, ranging from smooth with moderate overdrive to extremely raw and self-oscillating. Of course, the famous FabFilter One filter is also included. Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass responses and 12/24 dB/octave slopes are available, and each filter can be panned to create stereo effects without phase problems. Different oscillator-filter routings are possible. FabFilter Twin's 24 modulation slots provide very flexible modulation possibilities. Setting up modulation connections has never been easier: just drag a modulation source to any knob that can be modulated to fill a modulation slot. Modulation slots can be inverted and bypassed, and it's also possible to modulate the level knobs of other slots. There is no shortage of modulation sources with three LFOs, three envelope generators, and velocity, aftertouch, keyboard track, pitch bend, and mod wheel sources. Each LFO has triangle, square, sine, random triangle, and sample-and-hold wave forms, tempo sync in either straight, triplets or dotted mode, note-on sync, and a wave balance setting. The envelope generators have extra delay and hold parameters. All EG parameters and the LFO frequencies can be modulated. FabFilter Twin comes with a huge library of more than 500 factory presets. Whether you like designing your own presets from scratch or prefer to browse through the factory patches to get that perfect sound, FabFilter Twin fits your needs! Other FabFilter Twin features are: 24-voice polyphony with unison, stereo processing of oscillators and filters, sample-accurate MIDI handling, and smart parameter interpolation that ensures responsive yet smooth parameter changes. MIDI Learn lets you control FabFilter Volcano with any MIDI keyboard or controller within minutes, simply by turning knobs in FabFilter Twin’s user interface and on the controller. FabFilter Twin is now available for the introduction price of $99 (US) as an Audio Units plug-in and a VST plug-in for Mac OS X and as a VST plug-in for Windows on www.fabfilter.com. This is a limited offer until January 31, 2006, after which FabFilter Twin will cost $129 (US). Until January 31, FabFilter One and FabFilter Volcano owners can purchase FabFilter Twin for just $69 (US). Packages with FabFilter Volcano and One are also available, with special introduction pricing for packages containing FabFilter Twin. See www.fabfilter.com/shop/. System requirements for FabFilter Twin are either Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, or 2003, SSE-capable processor, and a VST 2 host, or Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher, G4 or better with AltiVec, and an Audio Units or VST 2 host.


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