Variax Challenge: Win a Trip to LA with Line 6

Good time to get away      06/12/05

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If you're lucky(?) enough to live in LA, the turn of the seasons probably doesn't mean a great deal... round about now I guess you might have to dig out a sweater for the evenings... maybe. But it's pretty much business as usual; wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies.

But for many of us it's a different story - freezing temperatures, grey skies and weather warnings on the telly, which is maybe why those nice folk at Line 6 have taken pity on us frosty souls in Europe and offered the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to thaw our tootsies.

Here's what they say about their Variax Challenge:-

"At participating stores throughout the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium simply try out any of the guitars in the Variax series, (ranging from the Variax® Acoustic 700, Variax® 300, Variax® 500, Variax® 600, Variax® 700, and Variax® Bass 700 and Variax® Bass 705) fill in your details, answer a few simple questions and be in with a chance of winning the top prize of a trip to LA for two plus other prizes throughout the 3 months of the challenge.

The contest will be running from 1 st December 2005 until 28 th February 2006 where you have the chance of winning a variety of Line 6 products plus a trip to the home of Line 6 in California. Only at participating dealers. " Monthly Prizes to be won from now until the end of February 2006

1st Place Prize: POD ® xt Live
2nd Place Prize: any ToneCoreâ„¢ pedal of your choice

1st Place Prize: Variax® 600
2nd Place Prize: any ToneCoreâ„¢ pedal of your choice

1 st Place Prize: Vettaâ„¢ II
2 nd Place Prize: any ToneCore pedal of your choice

You can find out more infomation here:-


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