Alesis Quietly Update Fusion OS

Version 1.10 slips out      15/11/05

Alesis Quietly Update Fusion OS

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A year is a long time in high-tech and it aint even been that since the Alesis Fusion workstations rolled out at Winter NAMM 04. The keyboards featured an astonishing array of features at this price point – including the Fusion Engine, capable of FM synthesis, Sample playback, Analog emulation and physical modelling, plus hard-disc recording with multiple IO on analog and digital connections. We wont go on, but suggest you check out the stories we posted (and accompanying video) from the NAMM shows (see below). Anyhow, the OS has had an upgrade which adds new sound banks, features and bug fixes. The full details of which follow: OS 1.10 Date: 10/11/05
    Sound ROM:
  1. Added “ELECTRONIC� program bank.
  2. Added “SYNTH DRUM� program bank.
  3. Improved levels in a few groove mixes.
  4. Replaced “Oboe & Bassoon� mix with “Stringed Bassoon� mix.
  5. Tune improvements to trombone multisamples.
    New Features/Changes:
  1. Pressing [LOCATE]+key in the Program mode Play screen will allow the user to adjust the Global Transpose parameter. This is also allowed in the Play screen for Mix, Song, and Sampler modes.
  2. When editing a parameter, pressing [LOCATE]+key will select a value. The keybed will scale the entire range of the parameter.
  3. The selected knob row is remember per mode and is initialized to the “Arp� row except for Program mode which is initialized to the “Assign� row.
  4. Pages named “Edit� have been renamed to “Settings�.
  5. Disabled the feature where the LCD was re-initialized every five seconds to deal with possible static discharge issues.
  6. Additional support for manufacturing.
    Bug fixes:
  1. Fixed bug where the clipboard would not correctly paste effects parameters.
  2. Fixed bug where editing events within a song would not set the song edited flag.
  3. Fixed bug where arpeggiator modulations were not occurring when played via a song or via MIDI.
  4. Fixed bug where patterns were not be reset at the start of the song.
  5. . Fixed bug where the graphical arrow in the FM “Router� page was obscured.
  6. Improved response of the pitch wheel.
  7. Fixed bug where the Fusion would ignore program files with uppercase extensions when building program banks.
  8. Fixed bug where volume and pan controller changes in patterns were ignored when the pattern was loaded.
  9. Fixed bug where the tempo LED was not in sync with the song.
  10. Fixed bug where the edited flag would be displayed when loading the initial mix, program, or song when Global option for loading is set to “Last Mode Only�.


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