New Sounds For Reason 3.0

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New Sounds For Reason 3.0
All Twenty Volumes - Count Em!

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IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality have announced that 20 volumes and 2 collections of newly enhanced sounds for Reason 3.0 will ship in November. There is also a new dedicated website for the Sonic Refill Series, . These collections represent the widest range of Reason sounds available from a single sound developer and offer virtually any sounds needed for Reason users. Sonic Reality has now taken the Sonic Refill Series to new heights with the addition of a custom Combinator module for each volume. The new Combinator is a sophisticated module of Reason 3.0 that allows building elaborate chains of units – like instruments, FX and more - which can be saved and immediately loaded within Reason as Combi patches. When a Combi patch is opened, all units in the created setup are instantly loaded, complete with sounds, settings and routings. With its ability to load up complex instruments routed through FX units and dynamic processors as one global unit, the Combinator is an extremely playable and performance-friendly device, making sounds appear more like “modules� than simple “samples�. In fact, the Combinator offers patches resulting from the combination of all of the modules within Reason 3, not only the NNXT Sampler but also the Mälstrom, Subtractor, ReDrum, Scream, Dr Rex, Matrix, MClass Mastering FX, and others, in one convenient module that can be loaded with a simple click. Additionally, every volume in this series also contains two different Refill versions, one for Reason 2.5 and another for Reason 3.0 (while the sounds remain compatible with Reason 2.5, only Reason 3 users will be able to take advantage of the new Combinator module patches) making them suitable for the widest base of users. Here is an overview of the 20 New Sonic Refills that are now available:
  • Vol. 1: Synths 1 – Leads, Basses and Modern/Vintage Synths (420 MB* / 1,117 sounds)
  • Vol. 2: Synths 2 – Pads, FX and Modern/Vintage Synths (463 MB* / 813 sounds)
  • Vol. 3: Rhythm Section – Drum, bass and guitar (387 MB* / 359 sounds / 104 loops)
  • Vol. 4: Pianos & Organs – Pianos, organs, clavinets and keyboards (274 MB* / 279 sounds)
  • Vol. 5: Symphonic – Strings, brass/winds and orchestral percussion (421 MB* / 336 sounds)
  • Vol. 6: OmniSoundz GM – GM instruments (400 MB* / 292 sounds)
  • Vol. 7: Reality Drums – Acoustic studio drum kits (488 MB* / 156 sounds)
  • Vol. 8: Monster Drums – Drum kits and beats for all genres (288 MB* / 149 sounds / 362 loops)
  • Vol. 9: Vintage Drums – Vintage drum kits and beats (366 MB* / 373 sounds / 249 loops)
  • Vol. 10: Instruments of the 60’s and 70’s – Vintage bass, synth and guitars (409 MB* / 723 sounds)
  • Vol. 11: Retro Keys – Analog and digital synths, leads, pads, organs, and pianos (315 MB* / 371 sounds)
  • Vol. 12: Acoustic Folk – Acoustic guitars and basses, dobros and fiddles (338 MB* / 189 sounds)
  • Vol. 13: World Percussion – African and Latin percussion and loops (173 MB* / 112 sounds / 96 loops)
  • Vol. 14: Ethnic Instruments –Ethnic wind and string instruments (237 MB* / 205 sounds)
  • Vol. 15: Film Orchestra – Strings, brass/wind, percussion, and string pads (474 MB* / 200 sounds)
  • Vol. 16: Triple Bass – Acoustic and Upright bass and electric bass (376 MB* / 314 sounds
  • Vol. 17: Triple Guitar – Acoustic and electric guitars (617 MB* / 349 sounds)
  • Vol. 18: Synths 3 – Pads and unique synth sounds (544 MB* / 425 sounds)
  • Vol. 19: Vocal Textures – Male and female choir and single phrases (409 MB* / 236 sounds)
  • Vol. 20: Mello-T – Vintage Mellotron and Chamberlain keyboards (397 MB* / 119 sounds)
    Two new Sonic Refill “Bundle Collections� are also available
  • Sonic Refills Vol. 1-5 collection, Silver bundle– volumes 1-5 bundled at a special reduced price. A 2GB* collection for nearly 3,000 sounds.
  • Sonic Refills Vol. 1-20 collection, Gold bundle – volumes 1-20 bundled at a special reduced price. A massive 7.7GB* collection with nearly 8,000 sounds and loops! Price and Availability Sonic Refills Volumes 1-20 have an MSRP of $59/ €49 for each title. The Silver Vol. 1- 5 collection is priced at $199/ €169 MSRP (saving nearly $100), while the Gold Vol. 1- 20 collection is priced $499/€399 MSRP (for savings of nearly $700 off the regular price) More info:
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