Music Live: Yamaha Announce Two New MO Synths

US MO6 and MO8 Workstations based on Motif technology      03/11/05

Music Live: Yamaha Announce Two New MO Synths
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Yamaha’s two new synths, the MO6 (61 key) and MO8 (88 key-balanced hammer action), are based on the Motif ES technology, but with expanded soundsets and large internal wave memory (175MB de-compressed). The pair are designed as production workstations with 16 track 226,000 note sequencer capacity, direct computer interfacing for storage and recall with Yamaha’s own Studio Connections Software. The powerful arpeggio feature also gives over 1700 sequenced phrases to assist in the creation process. Audio Integration takes this hardware/software link a huge leap further by allowing seamlessly access the MO right from the sequencer, just as if the MO were a plug-in synthesizer as well as adding DAW control from the front panel. There are two USB connectors, one for connection to the computer host and another for connection to an external USB device, such as storage. The expanded AWM2 64 voice sound set has a full complement of instrument voices (total 512) and drum kits (64), and includes many modern and vintage synthesizer sounds, making it “well-equipped for current dance, club and techno music styles�. For sound shaping and signal processing, the MO features 18 responsive filters types (with real-time knob control from the panel) and an extensive set of high-quality effects.
Reverb x 20 types, Chorus x 49 types, Insertion (A, B) x 116 types x 3 blocks, Master Effect x 8 types, Master Equalizer (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo) The two models come in 61 key and 88 key versions, with the 88 key featuring Yamaha’s key balanced hammer action keyboard. Both models feature stereo outs, S-PDIF digital connection plus headphone outputs. Designed as a standalone workstation, neither model is expandable either via Yamaha’s own MLAN or with expansion slots. But due to the expanded soundset there may well be no need. Expected to become available in January of 2006, the MO6 will retail at £949 and the MO8 at £1249 (US Dollar prices TBC) Checkout the flash demo HERE For further details visit
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