Apple Unveil Quad G5

US Two dual-core PPC 2.5GHZ processors – golly      20/10/05

Apple Unveil Quad G5
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Apple today announced a new member of the G5 family, after the recent news that Mac machines will be migrating over to the more readily manufactured Intel chips, this might be the last chance to buy the fastest PPC based Mac. The new beast, for indeed that’s what it is, uses dual-core processors which essentially doubles the processing power available. This makes the new machines incredibly powerful and ideal for crunching audio and video. The new G5’s feature PCI-Express slots which guarantee a minimum bandwidth for each slot, making them ideal for high data applications such as Fibre Channel and high performance video cards for high resolution dual channel displays. As far as networking goes, there are two independent Gigabit ethernet ports for high, bi-directional data throughput –imagine the number of Logic nodes one could run – yummy! Main Features
  • Dual bidirectional frontside buses
    Leveraging the dual frontside bus architecture pioneered in the original Power Mac G5, each processor in Power Mac G5 Quad systems has its own interface to the system controller — unlike traditional dual-processor systems, which constrain throughput by placing all processor resources on one bus. This high-performance frontside bus architecture also enables each core to discover and access data in the other cores’ caches, further increasing performance on dual-core and quad-core systems.
  • System controller
    This fast application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) uses a lower-latency memory subsystem with support for ultrafast DDR2 SDRAM.
  • PCI Express graphics
    With the introduction of PCI Express architecture comes a new 16-lane PCI Express graphics interface, supporting the latest graphics controllers for up to 4 GBps of data throughput. That’s double the throughput of the previous AGP 8X protocol. And by supplying up to 150 watts of power to the primary graphics processing unit, the new Power Mac G5 provides the headroom for high-performance, next-generation graphics processors and applications.
  • 533MHz DDR2 main memory
    The new 128-bit memory controller in the Power Mac G5 supports DDR2 main memory running at speeds up to 533MHz. In addition to writing data at a double rate, or twice the rate of the clock speed, the memory controller increases efficiency by reordering read and write operations. By addressing two banks of SDRAM at the same time, the new Power Mac G5 can reach a memory throughput of up to 8.5 GBps, a 25 percent increase over its predecessor. Power Mac G5 systems can hold up to eight 2GB DIMMs — up to 16GB of memory — with the option of ECC (Error Correction Code) memory for users in mission-critical or compute-intensive environments.
  • PCI Express expansion
    Unlike older parallel technologies, PCI Express guarantees each device dedicated bandwidth to and from the system controller. PCI Express cards and slots are defined by their bandwidth, or number of data lanes — typically one lane, four lanes, eight lanes, or 16 lanes. At 250 MBps per lane, a four-lane slot can transfer data at up to 1 GBps and an eight-lane slot, up to 2 GBps — almost twice as fast as a 133MHz PCI-X slot at a maximum throughput of just over 1 GBps. In addition to the 16-lane graphics slot, the Power Mac G5 features three PCI Express expansion slots: two four-lane slots and one eight-lane slot. Each slot uses a standard connector that can accommodate a card of any size. This means you can install a PCI Express graphics card in any PCI Express slot — enabling a single Power Mac G5 to support four, six, or even eight displays.(1)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
    Two independently configurable 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet interfaces deliver tremendous networking bandwidth with no contention between your network traffic and other I/O. Each Gigabit Ethernet controller in the new Power Mac G5 supports jumbo frames (packets up to 9000 bytes), Virtual LAN tags (VLAN 802.1q), and link aggregation. Dual Gigabit Ethernet is ideal for users in an Xsan environment that requires independent networks for metadata and general networking.
  • SuperDrive with double-layer support
    The built-in SuperDrive reads and writes to a wide variety of DVD and CD media, including double-layer (DVD+R DL) discs capable of holding up to 8.5GB of data. This means you can author discs with over 3.5 hours of video encoded in standard MPEG-2 format on one DVD+R DL disc, compared with 2 hours of video on a standard DVD-R disc
  • Serial ATA storage
    The Power Mac G5 can hold two internal 500GB Serial ATA drives for a total capacity of 1TB of storage.(2) Each drive is on an independent bus, so there’s no competition for drive performance as with Parallel ATA. Designed to keep pace with the demands of digital video creation and editing, audio storage and playback, and other data-intensive applications, Serial ATA supports 1.5-Gbps throughput per channel (equivalent to a data rate of 150 MBps).
  • Integrated I/O
    Serial ATA, FireWire, USB, audio, and wireless technologies are integrated through two bidirectional 800MHz HyperTransport interconnects for a maximum throughput of 1.6 GBps, providing ample throughput for a host of peripheral devices. Currently available as a Quad Core 2.5gHz with a shippping time of 3-4 weeks. Further models expected shortly.
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