TC Electronic Introduces Vintage Guitar Pedals

Seven Stompboxes For Guitar And Bass      10/09/05

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TC Electronic started making state-of-the-art stompboxes in 1976 and have now gone back to their roots with the introduction of seven new vintage pedals for guitar and bass. The full line-up includes vintage tremolo, vintage delay, and vintage compression pedals as well as four different flavors of vintage overdrive and distortion for both guitar and bass. All pedals are expected to ship in November 2005. Here's what TC say about each of the new designs...
  • Vintage Tremolo
    The Vintage Tremolo reproduces an astoundingly warm and genuine tube amp-style tremolo effect for the discerning guitar player. Three knobs allow for adjustment of Depth Ratio, Speed Time and Output Level, and the additional Soft Mode switch changes the sound from a hard to a soft tremolo. Vintage Tremolo will list at EUR 199 and GBP 139 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Delay
    The Vintage Delay is an extremely versatile guitar pedal, featuring Tap Tempo, MIDI control, Direct Out, and both Filter and Triplet switches. This pedal generally produces a warm and smooth delay equally suited for clean and distorted guitar. With the Filter switch engaged, the sound unmistakably moves into 60’s tape echo territory. Vintage Delay will list at EUR 399 and GBP 269 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Compressor
    The Vintage Compressor is characterized by a dynamical and completely transparent reproduction of the guitar signal. It is perfect for enhancing the texture of a rhythm guitar or providing additional sustain to a lead guitar. Vintage Compressor will list at EUR 199 and GBP 139 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Distortion
    The Vintage Distortion covers everything from smooth jazz sounds to extreme gain settings. Featuring an efficient Color Filter and an additional Boost switch, Vintage Distortion is capable of producing a wide variety of tonal flavors without compromising the true vintage character it was designed for. Vintage Distortion will list at EUR 199 and GBP 139 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Dual Distortion
    The Vintage Dual Distortion is a two-channel pedal that combines saturated vintage distortion with flexible gain settings. It is perfect for situations where convenient switching between rhythm and lead sounds is required. Sound-wise this distortion pedal covers everything from mannered crunch to high-gain lead guitar – as well as everything in between. Vintage Dual Distortion will list at EUR 279 and GBP 189 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Overdrive
    The Vintage Overdrive was designed to capture the very essence of a vintage guitar sound. This pedal enhances and enriches the natural interaction between instrument and amp, and navigates tonally between barely audible overdrive and Tube Screamer territory. Vintage Overdrive will list at EUR 199 and GBP 139 retail ex. VAT.
  • Vintage Bass Distortion
    The Vintage Bass Distortion is the ultimate distortion tool for bass players who want to add extra punch and flavor to their sound and yet maintain the original tone of their instrument. The Mix Factor knob allows for blending the distortion with the original signal, and the additional Boost knob enables sounds with a fuzz-like character. Vintage Bass Distortion will list at EUR 279 and GBP 189 retail ex. VAT.
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