Nuendo 3.1 Update Now Available

US Free download for users      06/09/05

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Having given Cubase users a free upgrade to SX/SL 3.1, it's now the turn of Nuendo to get the 3.1 treatment from Steinberg...

Hamburg, September 6th 2005 ­ Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is pleased to announce that the update to version 3.1 of its Nuendo Media Production System is now available. Nuendo 3.1 includes new features targeted at professionals in post and audio production. The update is available for Mac and PC from "While Nuendo 3.1 introduces significant new features for the fast-growing Nuendo post production community, it also includes an impressive list of improvements that speed up the workflow of any audio production." says Lars Baumann, Steinberg's Senior Product Manager for Nuendo. "The additional option to integrate Nuendo 3.1 with the new Euphonix hardware and the fact that Steinberg releases such a substantial update at no charge is a clear reflection of our strong and ongoing commitment to our customers," he continues. Nuendo 3.1 includes several advanced new features for post production in film and television. Among the new features is the new Audio Pull Up/Down functionality, which makes Nuendo 3.1 an irreplaceable tool for audio post production whenever a Telecine process or transfer from NTSC to PAL has been involved during the production. Frame rate support has also been extended to include those required by HDTV, ensuring support for this fast-growing standard within Nuendo. The unique Network Collaboration features in Nuendo are perhaps the most advanced of any audio production application available today. Nuendo 3.1 extends these functions even further by including support for Marker Tracks, as well as the addition of a Transfer Status window, crucial for accurate monitoring of data transfer around the network. A new Online-Merge function enables users to quickly merge selected tracks between local projects and available network projects without having to fully join a network session. Nuendo 3.1 also provides the technological basis for the synergy of the Nuendo Media Production software with the latest Euphonix MC and System 5-MC DAW Controllers. For several years, Steinberg and Euphonix have been collaborating on implementing EuCon into Nuendo to offer outstanding integration of Steinberg's Media Production System with the Euphonix MC editing controller and the System 5-MC mixing surface. With the addition of a software EuCon module ­ which is distributed exclusively by Euphonix ­ Nuendo 3.1 forms part of a highly flexible and scalable solution that offers the best of both software and hardware worlds. For more information to EuCon, please visit Among the other new features offered by Nuendo 3.1 are improved handling of video thumbnails, a new feature to safeguard against lost recordings due to power outages and a handy "Enlarge Selected Track function".

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