Explore Chinese Percussion With Kong Audio

500MB of unique Chinese instruments now available.      08/08/05

Explore Chinese Percussion With Kong Audio
Chinee V2 Percussion VSTi

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As China begins to take more of a part in our world trade - goodness knows, most of the current hi-tech stuff is made there now, now might be a good time to begin exploring the culture. One way that you can achieve this is from a musical perspective thanks to Kong Audio, who have released ChineeKong V2 (version 2.6), which is asample-based Chinese percussion VSTi for Windows. With over 500mb of professionally recorded samples there's a wealth of authentic percussion sounds originated from various parts of China. ChineeKong V2 has six main categories: Luo (Gongs), NaoBo (Cymbals), GuZu (Drum sets), BanBang (Wood Percussion), ZhongLing (Bells), and QiTa (MISC), divided into 36 subsets. Features:
  • 500 MB Chinese percussion sampleset featuring six main categories:
    1. Luo (Gongs)
    2. NaoBo (Cymbals)
    3. GuZu (Drum sets)
    4. BanBang (Wood Percussion)
    5. ZhongLing (Bells)
    6. QiTa (MISC)
    * 10 channel multi-timbral.
    * 10 independent outputs.
    * Master effect (bypass-able).
    * All samples are recorded in 24bit, 44.1khz.
    * The Playback samplerate is 16bit, 44.1khz.
    For an audio demo:
  • http://www.chineekong.com/music/CKS-DEMO1.mp3 *In case you haven't grabbed the highly acclaimed free kong loops pack(made with nothing else but ChineeKong V2 - they even got praises from a big name Hollywood film composer for the loop pack!), go get it from here:
  • kongaudio.audioshots.com ChineeKong V2 costs US$88 but until August 15th you can purchase it for the introductory price of US$79. New customers can get the ChineeWinds + ChineeKong bundle for US$132 during the promo period. Following up ChineeKong V2, Kong Audio plans to release ChineeErhu as the next step to bring you a beautiful string sound from China. All registered users will benefit from a discount once ChineeErhu is released. For more info, please visit us at
  • http://www.chineekong.com


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