Novation ReMOTE LE 25 For Portability

US 25 Key USB controller ships with virtual Basstation      04/08/05

Novation ReMOTE LE 25 For Portability
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The Novation ReMOTE range got a little bit bigger, we say a little bit, as the new addition is the smallest of the bunch - a 25 key version, making this one the most portable yet. Amongst the features to be carried through to the ReMOTE LE 25, is the extremely popular X/Y Touchpad, allowing up to four parameters (two per axis) to be modified simultaneously with just a simple finger glide. The pitch bend/modulation joystick is another of the ReMOTE’s useful tools to be featured, enabling a host of interesting performance effects. Dedicated transport control is provided, but now with an additional Loop button. A total of nine buttons and nine knobs reside on the surface, together with a Group switch that doubles this number to eighteen, so that any area of the receiving MIDI device (hardware or software) can be modified with ease. The MIDI spec enables any MIDI message to be assigned to any of the controls (buttons, knobs, X/Y Touchpad and joystick) to an unrivalled level of detail, providing endless configuration options to suit even the most demanding user’s needs. There are 16 onboard Template memories for saving ReMOTE LE setups, 12 of which are factory preset for use with the most popular software applications, in addition to many more available for free online. Also featured on the accompanying CDROM is a powerful Template Editor, which makes constructing Templates even simpler and more intuitive than is possible with the hardware alone. Meanwhile, in the box there are 10 physical Template overlays, 7 printed and 3 blank, to help customise the ReMOTE LE for the software being controlled; the user simply places these over the ReMOTE LE to see what control is assigned to what parameter, avoiding having to memorise the function of each knob/button. The keyboard is semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive, offering the highest quality action and setting a new keyboard standard for affordable controllers. This gives the ReMOTE LE more of a synthesizer feel than many other controller keyboards, which often seem more like computer peripherals than actual instruments. When you order your ReMOTE LE, you also get Novation’s ‘Bass Station’, a VST and Audio Unit plug-in which re-creates the enormously successful Bass Station keyboard and rack analogue instruments. ReMOTE LE ships inSeptember 2005
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