SNAMM05: Numark iDJ Delivers DJ Control for Twin iPods

GB Crossfade, start stop, EQ and mixer functions      23/07/05

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SNAMM05: Numark iDJ Delivers DJ Control for Twin iPods
It's a honey... now I'll have to buy an iPod

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Every DJ I know has been saying – "I’d love to be able to use my iPod for my set�. Well that is now a distinct possibility with the new iDJ from NUMARK. The i-styled iDJ console enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to integrate their portable music libraries with other music and sound reinforcement systems. The iDJ features two iPod docks (yes they do re-charge whilst connected), a mic input, phono/line inputs and 3-band EQ and gain control. We didn’t find any beat-matching capabilities on this unit, but suspect that the eager iDJ user will be pre-selecting their playlists to enable seamless cross-fades, before the gig. The iDJ features extruded, anodized aluminum panels, zero tolerance precision switches and knobs for a tight, precise feel, and a soft touch edge bumper that both protects and visually enhances the unit. This full-featured mixer with dual iPod docking stations incorporates a microphone input plus both quarter- and eighth-inch headphone outputs to complete the mixing experience. With USB connectivity to both PC and Macintosh computers, the iDJ functions as a music-loading base as well. If you want to record your voice, the iDJ supports the limited recording capabilities of the iPod—enabling the recording of voice notes for memos, etc. Combine all this with the thoughtful turntable spindle receptacle that enables placement of the iDJ on a turntable when space is limited, and the iDJ is ready to rock. On the output side, the iDJ has a master output LED meter for visual confirmation of one’s audio signals and a professional quality crossfader with fader start control for blending and alternating between the two channel’s audio signals. Additionally, the iDJ provides a cue tone and cue source selector for managing music sources. With both quarter- and eighth-inch headphone outputs, the iDJ is able to accommodate both consumer style headphones with minijack connectors as well as professional grade headphones with the larger connector type. To connect to sound systems and external recorders, the iDJ provides Master and Record outputs. You also get USB connectivity to both PC and Macintosh computers, and with an S-Video output (for iPod Photo model players only), the iDJ is ready to patch into video displays for complete multimedia. Numark CEO Jack O’Donnell offered the following thoughts on the company’s new iDJ, “Most every DJ carries an iPod as both a backup tool and as a source of personal music enjoyment. The new iDJ makes it easy to integrate the iPod into a working environment while circumventing the ‘band-aid’ approach of using multiple audio adapters. For college students and other iPod enthusiasts, this compact mixer is a natural extension of the iPod platform that makes enjoying music with others that much easier. � And I would think Apple will be pleased too - as you need two iPods to take advantage of the iDJ... With a suggested retail price of $399 and an expected street price of $249 you’d expect to see iDJ at a lot of gigs in the future.
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