Edirol Has 5 New Products

Didn't even wait for Summer NAMM      11/07/05

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Edirol announced the release of five new products, blowing clean out of the water the theory that companies tend to wait until Trade Shows to make such announcements.

Makes you wonder what they'll have left up their sleeves come Indianapolis in a few days time?

EDIROL UA-1EX adds ASIO and 24bit/96kHz Audio Support
EDIROL Corporation today announced a new version of it's popular UA-1 series USB Audio Interface. The new UA-1EX replaces the EDIROL UA-1X and adds support for ASIO drivers and 24 bit / 96 kHz audio.

The UA-1EX continues to feature Core Audio support for Mac OSX and WDM support for Windows 2000/XP as well as zero-latency direct monitoring. Inputs include RCA pin, input for plug-in powered electret condenser type stereo microphones and SP/DIF optical in. Outputs include RCA pin, 1/8" headphone jack and SP/DIF optical output.

The UA-1EX is a solution for customers looking for an inexpensive interface that offers professional driver standards, quality and simple audio connections. The Suggested Retail Price for the UA-1EX is $99.00 and will be available in the fourth quarter.

EDIROL Updates USB MIDI Interface Line
EDIROL Corporation today announced that it has updated it's USB MIDI Interface line with three new feature rich designs, the UM-1EX, the UM-2EX and the UM-3EX. The updated designs further differentiate EDIROL USB interfaces from other products in the market.

The most unique new model is the new UM-3EX 3-In/3-Out MIDI Interface that features a built-in USB hub that allows for the connection of two additional UM-3EX for a total of up to 9-In/9-Out. Three UM-3EX can be rack mounted on an optional Roland RAF-70 rack adaptor. Suggested Retail Price of the UM-3EX is $89.00

The UM-2EX replaces the EDIROL UM-1SX and adds an additional MIDI out port for a new 1-In/2-Out configuration at the same low Suggested Retail Price of $49.00

The new UM-1EX replaces the EDIROL UM-1X and adds a new MIDI Thru switch that allows the UM-1EX to be used as a standalone MIDI cable or route MIDI back to an instrument or other external MIDI device. Suggested Retail Price of the UM-1EX is $49.00.

All three new interfaces will be available in the fourth quarter of 2005.

EDIROL Introduces USB Powered Speakers for Mobile User
EDIROL Corporation today introduced the MA-1EX USB powered speaker system for mobile computer users. The MA-1EX are small yet powerful speakers for users that need better sound and more power than their computer speakers can provide.

The MA-1EX are simple to use and plug and play on any Windows or Mac OS based system. The MA-1EX also feature a bass enhancer for a fuller sound, 1/8" headphone jack and S/P DIF output. An integrated USB cord wrap is also provided for portable cable management. SRP: $80

The MA-1EX will be available in the fourth quarter of 2005.

So there you have it - they've certainly been keeping busy this summer.

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