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US Ona a mission to make guitarists happy      28/06/05

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Spare a thought for our 6-stinged brethren... we get to play with all sorts of whizzy technology - fantastic hardware covered with knobs and switches, amazing software that'll make every sound imaginable (and many that aren't), and guitarists get to play with... er... six strings on a lump of wood. No wonder so many of 'em have ego problems ;-)

But fear not sorry pluckers, for TC Electronic have turned their considerable talents in the design of top-end audio products towards the world of dodgy mullets and spandex and released some cracking products for guitarists. Two of them are shipping right now:-

G-System: Flagship Guitar Processor
" The unique combination of digital effects, analog loops, and amp switching, makes G-System ideal for any experienced guitar player looking to complete his setup with the ultimate in quality, integration and flexibility. You can combine up to 8 internal effects simultaneously with any external stompbox, expression pedal and channel of your guitar amp. The design allows you to assign any given combination to one single preset. Thus, you will be able avoid the hassle of tap-dancing through your setup on stage. G-System features 8 effect blocks divided into a pre effects section with Filter and Compression, and a post effects section with Noise Gate, Modulation, Pitch, Delay, Reverb, and EQ. The 4 analog loops enable “true bypass�, and the 5th loop is custom designed for pre-amp inserting. Also included are 4 relay switches for analog control of preamps and amps and 2 x 2 expression pedal inputs. All functions of the G-System are directly accessible via the 18 chrome footswitches, 6 of which serve as integrated encoders.
G-System is shipping now at EUR 1395 retail ex. VAT.

VPD1: Vintage Pre Drive pedal
"Featuring an additional boost section, top and mid boost, remote control, and an integrated vintage-type speaker filter, VPD1 has a lot more to it than just overdrive. The pedal was designed to reproduce the warm driven vintage tones that result from a tube amp with the master volume turned all the way up. VPD1 is shipping now at EUR 275 retail ex. VAT. VPD1 features a unique circuit, which accurately replicates every group of components in an original vintage tube amp combo, including the dynamic interaction that occurs between the components. In the VPD1 signal path, the boost section is placed before the drive, which means that the boosted guitar signal not only sounds louder but also more overdriven. This makes it ideal for switching from rhythm to lead guitar. The remote function allows you to switch the VPD1 boost on and off with the new G-System from TC Electronic or any other external relay switching. Also included are top and mid boost switches for a more flexible sonic exploitation of the VPD1. TC Electronic equipped the VPD1 with an integrated speaker filter, making it very useful for studio sessions and home practice. The speaker filter, which can be bypassed, is based on the same research as the VPD1 Drive, and underlines the vintage qualities of the new TC pedal. Vintage overdrive functionality aside, VPD1 is loaded with features, including the speaker filter, which turns it into a compact quality preamp capable of delivering everything from warm tones to snarling leads. "

... now, if they could just design a gizmo that automatically sensed when the lead guitarist put their foot up on the stage monitor and sent a few thousand volts through the strings, now *that* would be something I'd pay good money for! :-)

More information on their website:-

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