Waves and NI Offer Crossgrade

US Substantial discount on Waves Maxx and Gold bundles when buying NI Komplete 2      09/05/05

Waves and NI Offer Crossgrade

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Waves are offering owners of the NI KOMPLETE 2 collection can now take advantage of a 30% discount on the native version of the Waves Renaissance Maxx bundle, a stunning collection of seven high-end signal processing plug-ins including compressors, equalizers, reverbs and much more. NI KOMPLETE CARE 2005 customers also have the additional option of a 30% reduction on the native version of the Waves Gold bundle, an even more comprehensive collection that includes twelve further must-have effects for mixing, mastering and sound design. Furthermore, all owners of a Waves Gold, Platinum and Diamond bundle are eligible for an over 30% discount on NI KOMPLETE 2, the comprehensive product bundle from Native Instruments consisting of eleven critically acclaimed software synthesizers, samplers and effects. NI KOMPLETE 2 contains the latest versions of all included products, including KONTAKT 2 and the recently announced REAKTOR 5. "Native Instruments and Waves share a very similar track record for uncompromising quality and relentless innovation in audio software" says Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments. "Combining the powerful effects bundles from Waves with our comprehensive NI KOMPLETE 2 instrument collection is a smart step to take for every musician and producer, and we are happy to give our customers the opportunity to supercharge their studio at an even more affordable price." "There is a natural connection between Waves' and Native Instrument customers," noted Waves CEO Gilad Keren, "because they are all demanding and accomplished users of musical software. We also know there is a lot of overlap among the two groups; this promotion makes it easy for users of either software to upgrade or try what they've been missing." The "Waves Renaissance Maxx for NI" bundle is priced at $420 / 357 Euro, while the "Waves Gold for NI" bundle is offered for $910 / 773 Euro. Both crossgrades are available now from authorized dealers and in the Waves Online Shop. The NI Komplete 2 crossgrade for Waves customers is available now for $999 / 899 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. The Waves & Native Instruments Special Crossgrade Offer is valid until June 30th 2005. For more information, please see
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