MESSE05: IK Demo Philharmonik and CSR Reverb

US Quality orchestral linrary and Classic Studio Reverb      12/04/05

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MESSE05: IK Demo Philharmonik and CSR Reverb
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IK Multimedia were talking up the Miroslav Philharminik orchestral library at NAMM but at the MESSE we got to hear it in it's fullness. The new Philharmonik instrument comes with a complete orchestra and choir sound set, specialized classical features and an intuitive interface design. The plug-in also contains previously unreleased material and new advanced programming, utilizing the features of the IK sound engine. Much is being made of the effort put in to preserve and bring out the finest qualities of the original orchestra and choir collections, and to add many previously unreleased samples. With the advent of IK's STRETCH engine and other powerful features, Miroslav Philharmonik offers enhanced realism for orchestral performances with real-time glissando, fluid pitch bends, performance-based time-stretching and more. Library Contents:
Solo Instruments, String Ensembles, Woodwinds and Brass Ensembles, Classical Percussion, Harp, Classical Choirs, plus, Cathedral Pipe Organ, Classical Guitar, Concert Piano and Harpsichord together make up more than 5 gigabytes of premium symphonic samples with all the material from the original Miroslav sample library collections and previously unreleased samples recorded by the man who set the standard for high-end orchestral sample libraries as a virtual instrument plug-in, Miroslav Philharmonik offers truly unparalleled value. Miroslav Philharmonik will have a suggested retail price of $/?499 and is expected to ship in May 2005. Registered SampleTank® 2.0 full version customers will be able to crossgrade for $/?349.

Classic Studio Reverb
CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb
It's a suite of various reverbs modeled after classic high end studio reverb hardware masterpieces - they looked like lexicons to me. IK feel that "while impulse reverbs have gained a lot of popularity because of their particular emulation of environment reverberation, they typically lack the particular musical sound and editing possibilities that famous studio digital reverbs have always offered. As an alternative or additional virtual studio tool, high quality algorithmbased reverbs like CSR-1 are designed to get the maximum musicality and a sound that top engineers have made hit records with for years." Four reverbs in one: CSR-1 includes a suite of four different reverbs algorithms: - Classik Hall / Room - Classik Ambience - Classik Plate - Classik Inverse Each Reverb has its own interface and parameters. CSR-1 will be available by the 3 rd quarter 2005 and will have an MSRP of $/Euro 399 and will support all the most popular plug-in platforms in both Windows®XP and MacOS® X including VST, RTAS, AU and DX. A TDM version for ProTools® systems will be available by the 4 th quarter 2005.
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