MESSE05: Pandora's Box Of Processing

Korg's Latest Personal Effects Processors For Electric And Acoustic Guitar      08/04/05

MESSE05: Pandora's Box Of Processing

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Following on from the original PX4 Pandora in their Toneworks range, Korg have introduced two new Pandoras - one for guitar and bass and the other for electro-acoustic guitars. Both of these personal multi-effects processors are pocket sized and can run from batteries or an AC adapter. Numerous high-quality effects using 'REMS' modeling technology are built in. PANDORA PX4D
The PX4D packs both guitar and bass functionality into a single unit (a first in the history of the Pandora series). It contains a total of 158 effect types ranging from realistic amp sounds - including high-quality cabinets - to sophisticated effects and lets you use up to seven effects simultaneously. One special PX4D function is a Bass Canceller that removes the sound of the bass from an external audio source. The PX4D provides 200 programs (100 preset / 100 user)

The PX4A is designed especially for electric-acoustic guitar. It contains a total of 82 effect types, including mic' and body effects that simulate natural acoustic resonance and mic'ing, as well as effects that have been optimized for electro-acoustic guitars. You can use up to eight effects simultaneously. One extremely practical feature of the PX4A is that it provides a notch effect that is particularly effective against acoustic feedback (howling). There's also an auto notch function that automatically detects the feedback point. the PX4A provides 100 programs (50 preset / 50 user). Main Features Common to Both
  • Knob-based interface for quick and intuitive editing.
  • The Phrase Trainer function offers a great way to learn by ear or to practice soloing.
  • One hundred rhythm and bass patterns cover a variety of styles with realistic PCM sound.
  • AUX IN jack lets you play along with external CD, MD, or MP3 audio sources.
  • Key Transpose lets you shift the key of an audio source that's being input.
  • The built-in Auto Chromatic Tuner also provides a Mute function for silent tuning.
  • Semi-transparent LCD illuminates the characters in inverse video when backlit.
  • Two-way power supply lets you use either batteries or AC adaptor (sold separately).
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