MESSE05: Sonar Bundled With Edirol Hardware

US Edirol Audio Products Will Ship with Cakewalk's New SONAR LE      07/04/05

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Edirol and Cakewalk have announced that a selection of Edirol USB Audio products will start shipping bundled with the newly released Cakewalk SONAR LE music and audio production software from the second quarter of 2005. A great selection of Edirol USB Audio products, such as the popular UA-25 as well as the newly released UA-101 (USB 2.0) audio interface and the renewed PCR-M series of USB controllers, will soon benefit from value-added SONAR LE music production software, shipping right out of the box. SONAR LE is modeled on world-renowned SONAR 4, Cakewalk's flagship product, and provides a cutting edge music production studio environment, offering powerful features such as 64-Audio/256-MIDI track editing, up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution, and unique Direct X and VST plug-in software synthesizers and effects. Extremely powerful yet exceptionally user-friendly, the new Edirol SONAR LE bundles are perfectly suited for new users and their first experience with music creation using a PC. Main SONAR LE Features
  • 64 audio and 256 MIDI tracks
  • 24-bit / 192 kHz recording support
  • 14 studio quality real-time effects and 6 MIDI effects
  • audio loop construction tools
  • dynamic console view
  • multi-port graphical drum grid editor
  • multitrack piano roll view
  • staff notation
  • ReWire 2.0 support
  • DirectX/DXi and VST/VSTi support
  • MIDI clock and MTC slave
  • Cyclone DXi groove sampler
  • Audio Simulation’s Dreamstation soft synth DXi
  • and more... Michael Hoover, Vice President of Products and Marketing for Cakewalk said this of the new alliance, “We are pleased to work with Edirol in offering SONAR LE along with their many quality hardware options. Edirol has thoughtfully produced a range of product bundles to meet the varied needs and pricepoints of many customers. And this is just another example of the benefits that consumers world-wide are realizing through our strategic alliance." SONAR LE represents the perfect introduction to the powerful SONAR line of DAWs. Registered owners of SONAR LE will be able to upgrade to the full version of SONAR Studio Edition for a special price. Availability
    SONAR LE includes English, French, and German versions all on the same CD, and will be bundled with over 15 different Edirol UA and UM series of audio and MIDI interfaces, SD sound modules, and the popular PCR series of keyboards shipping in Europe and United States May 2005. For local pricing and availability visit our Edirol and Roland distribution partners: More info:
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