IK Multimedia Offers 2 for 1 Deal

Buy Amplitude or Sampletank, get the other Free!      25/02/05

IK Multimedia Offers 2 for 1 Deal

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I guess many of us will still be suffering from Post-Xmas Wallet Disorder, so manufacturers are are coming up with fiendish ways of peruading us to part with the readies. IK Multimedia's latest is a pretty good one actually - buy a copy of Sampletank 2L or Amplitube, and get the other one absolutely free. Beats those pesky 'Mail-in Rebates' any day. Here's what they say:- "IK Multimedia is offering an extraordinary deal on the industry’s leading guitar modeling and sound workstation plug-ins. Any purchase of AmpliTube® or SampleTank® 2L($/€299 MSRP) Full versions or Upgrades ($/€199 MSRP) qualifies the buyer to receive the other one FREE. For a limited time, from now until April 30th, 2005, IK Multimedia is offering an excellent chance to get two products for the price of one. Both the full versions and the upgrade versions from products such as Digidesign ProTools, Cakewalk GuitarTracks Pro and ExpansionTank or Sonik Capsules qualify for this limited time promotion. Users may purchase from any IK Multimedia dealer in the world and receive this advantageous offer! The way the promotion works is simple. Customers can purchase AmpliTube® and register it during the promotion, and IK Multimedia will send them a copy of SampleTank® 2L. If the user purchases a Sampletank® 2L or XL during the promotion, a link to download the full version of AmpliTube® will appear in their SampleTank user area after they have registered. AmpliTube® 1 has been highly acclaimed for its incredible sound and flexibility for guitar processing. AmpliTube® has won over ten awards and has become an industry standard for guitar amp modeling. As an extra bonus of this promotion, AmpliTube® has been lowered in price to $/€299 (previously $/€399 MSRP) and also qualifies for a discounted upgrade to the upcoming AmpliTube® 2.0 version. Since AmpliTube® 1 and 2 will sound and work differently, this could be your last chance to get the classic AmpliTube® version 1 and have the best of both worlds. SampleTank® 2 offers the most dynamic range of sounds ever. SampleTank® 2 XL includes 8CDs, 1,500 sounds covering all instrument categories. SampleTank® 2L comes with 4 CDs of sounds and a selection of more than 500 patches. As an extra bonus of this promotion, customers will be able to upgrade to the upcoming SampleTank®2.1 engine absolutely free. Instantly compatible with every platform! AmpliTube®, SampleTank® 2L and SampleTank® 2XL are available for Mac®0S9, Mac®0SX and Windows® XP, VST®i, DXi, RTAS, MAS and Audio Units, and completely compatible for all platforms and sequencers. For more detailed information on this promotion, a list of dealers in your area, or product specifics on SampleTank®2 or AmpliTube®, please visit the IK Multimedia website:
  • www.IKMultimedia.com
  • www.SampleTank.com
  • www.Amplitube.com


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