NAMM: Sharp And To The Point

US The New Stiletto Amp Head From Mesa      01/02/05

NAMM: Sharp And To The Point
Stiletto At The NAMM Show In A Red Crocodile Finish

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Mesa have a new EL-34 based amp head, The Stiletto. The amp is available as the Stiletto Deuce with a maximum output of 100W or as the 150W maximum Stiletto Trident. Rather than just give you a run-down of the features, we'll let Mesa tell you about the amp in their own words... 'Stiletto marks Mesa’s dedication to the legendary power behind heavy rock’s British ancestry. Razor sharp and finely honed, the Stiletto is mean enough to hang with a wall of Rectos and slice right through the mix with a trademark new sound. Matter of fact, that was our primary goal: Create the perfect high-gain companion to our own icons, the Dual and Triple Rectifier Heads. Matching their mind-blowing performance, this searing new blade was forged to cut its own deadly swath, and elevate the EL-34 sound from classic to a menacing new realm. Just like the Rectos did to 6L6s! Tighter, higher Bass. Lower, fatter Mids. And a hazy harmonic top where luscious overtones line up in a shimmering crystalline spread. This sonic assault fits tightly with a Recto in an aggressive two-guitar band, allowing each player to carve out a distinctive region…and own it. Two ruthless pre-amp channels create a mighty 6 mode platform while keeping that chrome panel gleaming and simple. Channel One fashions two Clean modes, one FAT and expansive, one TITE and urgent – or can be switched to CRUNCH, which roams from a ’34-style Brit Blues clip through classic UK Hard Rock. Channel Two starts here, cloning the mid-gain presence of CRUNCH, and moves into a hellacious new frontier of modern grind with the barbed attack of TITE-GAIN™ or the layered harmonic syrup of FLUID-DRIVE™. Only our own Rectos could dare share a stage next to the sinister fury of the Stiletto’s high gain thrust. Each Channel of the Stiletto Deuce™ can be set for 50 or 100 watt performance, while the Trident™ offers the clippable 50 – or a truly stunning 150 watts of coliseum headroom, per channel.' More info:

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