NAMM: Sound Like Jimi!

Digitech Recreates Hendrix Tones In New Pedal      29/01/05

NAMM: Sound Like Jimi!
It Just Had To Be Purple...

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Digitech are the company chosen by the Hendrix family to model Jimi's signature tones and make them available to the world. They have now launched the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series Pedal that will allow guitarists to access key Hendrix sounds from seven classic songs that defined his playing.
The Tones include:
  • Purple Haze Intro and Solo section modeled on the Fuzz Face pedal played into a 100-Watt Marshall Super Lead amp effected with an EMT plate reverb and Octavia (Solo)
  • Little Wing Intro and Solo including the tone from the miniature rotary speaker recorded at London's Olympic Studios
  • Voodoo Chile Intro and Solo based on the VOX Clyde McCoy Wah pedal, brown Fender Bassman amp and an EMT plate reverb
  • All Along the Watchtower Intro and Solo recreated using Hendrix's acoustic guitar plus a 100-Watt Marshall Super Lead amp.
    Features include three dual concentric knobs, one model control and a multi-functional expression treadle for creative options, as well as separate amp and mixer outputs. In addition, the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series Pedal has a rugged case metal chassis and comes with a custom artist pedal gig bag and its own power supply.
    Here's the technical details in Digitech's own words -In order to capture and preserve the accuracy of each of these unique Hendrix sounds, DigiTech employed Production Modeling via the AudioDNA DSP super-chip. (In fact, the Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal so closely models the fine nuances of Jimi's sounds that each pedal requires two of the AudioDNA DSP chips) This critically acclaimed technology was explicitly designed to help reproduce the studio and live sounds as well as the detailed effects of an artist's sound, as heard on their recordings. This attention to detail ensures that each Jimi Hendrix Experience signature sound is true to the original, as sonically distinctive today as it was when Jimi played it in the studio. In addition, guitarists can draw on any of the modeled sounds as a starting point, with the ability to create and further develop their own tones using the Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal's controls. To accurately duplicate the tone that was on the original recordings, DigiTech went right to the source: Jimi Hendrix's original master recording tapes, made at Olympic Studios and Electric Lady Studios, and to Eddie Kramer, the sonic genius behind those recordings, who had this to say, "You realize what a tremendous body of work Jimi has left behind. What we are doing here is taking a little piece of Jimi and putting it in a pedal that will stun the world. The next generation of kids who are going to pick up this pedal are going to be able to hear exactly how Jimi played by hearing first-hand how he got that sound." More info:

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