NAMM: Groove Agent For ProTools 6.7 LE

US And a lot more besides      27/01/05

NAMM: Groove Agent For ProTools 6.7 LE

Well it was worth the wait. For ever it seems, the only people to get to use the excellent Beat Detective audio quantizing application were users of TDM systems HD or otherwise. With the release of ProTools 6.7 for both HDTDM and LE, users of the more affordable range of Digi hardware, get some rhythmic relief. But wait, there’s more:
  • New support for RTAS instruments on TDM Aux inputs provides better instrument plug-in integration, session organization, and LE/TDM session interoperability
  • Support for multiple plug-in outputs enables mixing and processing of individual sound sources from instrument plug-ins*
  • Simple yet thorough step-by-step song composition with the MIDI Step Input window — Facilitates building complex or difficult MIDI tracks
  • New MIDI Detective functionality allows generation of tempo maps and groove templates directly from “free” MIDI performances
  • With Beat Detective LE, Pro Tools LE users can now take advantage of many of the Beat Detective features previously only available to TDM users
  • The TC/E tool’s support for MIDI regions enables users to expand or contract MIDI passages exactly as it is done with audio regions, allowing timing changes of individual MIDI regions without affecting the overall session tempo
  • Fast and precise drawing and editing of tempo curves are now facilitated through the Tempo Editor pane, including nudging and trimming of tempo segments
  • Flexible tempo curves, global insertion/deletion of time, and auto-editing of data when changing meter are all now available through the new Tempo and Time Operations windows
  • Tick (musical tempo)-based Audio, Aux and Master tracks keep audio region start points and automation in perfect sync with MIDI
  • Straightforward management of external MIDI devices on Windows XP via the MIDI Studio Setup window and advanced patch name support
  • With Windows-based systems, support of MIDI Time Stamping and MIDI I/O brings some of the most accurate playback timing resolution available on any platform, as continues to be the case on Mac-based systems as well
  • Organization by function within Pro Tools sessions is now available through color-coding feature — Color-code tracks, regions, markers and much more for instant identification
  • New Undo History window enables users to instantly and conveniently return to previous stages of a session’s development
  • Non-administrator user support for Macintosh and Windows enables users who do not have administrative access to run Pro Tools unimpeded, and IT professionals in facilities and schools to manage user preferences and access
  • Enhanced Windows interoperability with legacy Macintosh sessions — Open and convert older SD II-based sessions in one easy step Not only that but there’s a new Smack compressor:
    “Developed for Pro Tools music makers who require a great-sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use compression tool. Accurately modeling automatic gain reduction devices previously found only in hardware, Smack! controls the volume of just about any source in a very “musical” manner, adding fullness, intelligibility, and excitement to any track. Its control ranges are practical and sweep a wide range of tonal compression color, resulting in true warmth and distinction. Along with delivering phenomenal sound, Smack! operates effectively at any setting and is easily and quickly manipulated through its intuitive user interface.
    MSRP for Smack! is $595 US. MSRP for Smack! LE is $395 US. Upgrades are dependent on when and what you already own so check out the Digidesign website for the full skinny.
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