NAMM: New Roland toys for drummers

US Things to keep their hands and ears busy      22/01/05

NAMM: New Roland toys for drummers
a V-drum wedge

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Roland have released a new monitor portable monitor the PM-10 (aimed at V-drum users) and an intelligent Rhythm trainer - RMP-3. It's so clever you may find your drummer chatting with it for hours. Roland PM-10 monitor
One of the beauties of Rolands V-drums is the ability to practice without waking the neighbours - if you're not a drummer. If you're a drummer you like your kit to wake the dead. So this handy little wedge will let you feel the noise. Designed as a portable companion for Roland’s V-Drums and other electronic percussion rigs, the new PM-10 personal monitor is driven by a 30-watt amplifier and a 10" 2-way coaxial speaker. Its compact, slanted design is perfect for positioning next to a drum kit or percussion rig. Players can jam along with their favorite songs by connecting an external CD or MP3 player to the PM-10’s Mix Input jack. Balance the V-Drums and the external audio with the dedicated volume controls; adjust the tone with the built-in 2-band EQ.

It looks brainy
Roland RMP-3 Rhythm Coach
Roland describes this as rhythm training with a brain, it certainly looks smart. The RMP-3 is outfitted with a tunable mesh pad for realistic and quiet performance. A small pickup is mounted inside the pad, enabling drummers to monitor their playing through headphones along with the metronome and coaching audio; a built-in speaker is provided for monitoring as well. External audio from CD players, MP3 players, and other audio devices can be incorporated into practice sessions, thanks to the RMP-3’s Mix Input jack. Position the RMP-3 on your lap, a tabletop, or mount it on a stand, such as Roland’s PDS-2. The RMP-3’s built-in Rhythm Coach makes practice fun, and challenges drummers in a friendly way with functions such as Time Check, Auto Up/Down, and the new "Stroke Balance" mode for developing a consistent sticking technique.

Nice display
The RMP-3’s large LCD provides easy-to-read instructional information, complete with a smooth-flow onscreen tempo meter that bounces from side to side. Large buttons and a clearly labeled front panel make using the RMP-3 a snap. For further details:
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