NAMM: TASCAM Shows DM-3200 Digital Mixer

US Successor to the DM-24 looks sharp      21/01/05

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TASCAM had its new DM-3200 digital mixer on display at their booth, and it's a beauty. No information on when it will be available or price, but it was at least partly working. As an owner of the TASCAM DM-24 mixer, I am very familiar with their current mixing technology and the DM-3200 is clearly a step forward. Much larger physically than the DM-24, the DM-3200 is both wider and deeper. Unlike the dark paint job of the DM-24, the DM-3200 is completely brushed aluminum. Much of the menu layout and organization remains the same, but there are additional features and routing possibilities. Features of the DM-3200 include (according to the preliminary information sheet):
32 channels and 16 auxiliary returns for 48 channels on mixdown (same as DM-24). This is a 24/96 mixer, and the track count does not get cut in half at 96k. 16 busses. Whoo-hoo! A huge improvement over the 8 in the DM-24 and most any other project studio sized analog or digital mixer. 8 aux sends, an improvement of two over the DM-24. 16 channels of mic/line inputs with phantom power, 24 channels of TDIF I/O, and 8 channels of ADAT I/O built in. Same as DM-24. Two expansion board slots that use the same boards as the DM-24, plus a *dedicated* cascade slot. Big news because you don't ahve to burn an expansion slot to cascade the DM-3200. Per channel LED ring encoders for pan, aux sends, and eq. DAW control, transport controls, and automated touch sensitive faders. Internal DSP includes EQ and compression on each channel and built in TC Works processor. Routing is seaid to be flexible, and there is a compact flash slot for offloading data. The meter bridge is optional, and much nicer looking than the DM-24 meter bridge, which always looked a bit like it had Mickey Mouse ears. TASCAM will also include software for Win XP and Mac OSX which will feature driverless USB connection ot the computer, USB backup and restore, and onscreen timecode, transport, and meter displays. Overall, this looks like an interesting mixer to keep ones eyes on, and TASCAM seems to have addressed most of the shortcomings of the DM-24. Apparently they are listening to their customers! No word on pricing or availability yet. Albert
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