NAMM: Focusrite Launches OctoPre LE DAW and Digital Console Interface

US Entry level version of OctoPre...      19/01/05

NAMM: Focusrite Launches OctoPre LE DAW and Digital Console Interface
Yes we know it looks like the TrakMaster Pro...

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Press Release from Focusrite At the NAMM Show 2005, Focusrite will show OctoPre LE, the "lite edition" of the company's established OctoPre, bringing Focusrite pre-amplification and A/D-D/A conversion to a new level of affordability for DAW and digital console users. OctoPre LE provides eight channels of pristine Focusrite preamps, including two "Super Channels" that offer mic impedance matching and instrument D.I. inputs plus other features. With the optional A/D-D/A board installed, OctoPre LE brings more to the DAW via ADAT lightpipe than ever before, allowing users to make the most of often neglected ADAT inputs and outputs for tracking and monitoring. In addition, the A/D-D/A option provides wordclock in and out as well as being the only converter in its class to feature 256x clock -- a must-have for Pro Tools engineers. Extremely easy to use, OctoPre LE helps to save session time and engineer heartache. Auto Switching front and rear panel inputs and total control of the digital I/O from the front fascia allow the unit to remain racked and patched, with every I/O solution available at the flick of a switch. In typical Focusrite fashion, the OctoPre LE upholds professional standards throughout, boasting class-leading specifications: Analogue: THD: 0.003% with 0dBu input (maximum gain) Wide bandwidth frequency response: 3 dB down at 200kHz Signal to noise ratio of 124dB Digital: Dynamic range of 110 dB A-weighted Housed in a sturdy 1U chassis with the familiar Platinum fascia, OctoPre LE is the first of the Platinums to feature a 'porthole'-style peak-reading meter, similar to Focusrite's industry standard Red range of products. The meter can be switched to display the input level of any one of the eight channels. The two Super Channels feature DI for guitars or similar instruments, as well as a low impedance switch for making the most of ribbon mics and allowing deliberate mic mis-matching for enhanced creativity. Other features include phantom power, independent clip metering and low cut filters on every channel. The OctoPre LE is available from January 2005 and will cost £349 inc. VAT, U.K. The optional A/D-D-A will cost £129 inc.VAT and can be retrofitted at any time.
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