WNAMM05: Alesis Fusion Synth Leaked

US Brand new synth workstation to debut at NAMM05      18/01/05

WNAMM05: Alesis Fusion Synth Leaked
A whole new Workstation from Alesis

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I guess the intention is to launch the new Fusion Synth at the show, but with all the details available on the website, that might be a little out of the question. Not one to miss a scoop, the Alesis Fusion Synth looks like a mighty highly specified synth. With up to 180 voice polyphony, the Fusion Engine Synthesis can provide: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM and Physical Modeling to get you started. You also get a 32 track sequencer with a 40GB of “whatever you want”. Namely 8 tracks of 24-bit audio.
With plenty of internal effects, plus 64MB standard RAM (expandable to 192MB), you’ll be able to store your creations on Compact Flash (I+II), SATA HD and later in the year CD-RW. I couldn’t see a USB connection specified but a close inspection of the rear panel shows that there is one, so presumably you can transfer between your PC and the Fusion with no great difficulty. The Fusion is well connected too, you get:
Stereo Input L-Mono/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), Stereo Headphone Output (Standard 1/4 Jack),Stereo Main Output L/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), Stereo Aux Output L/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), S/PDIF Output (Coax/Optical), ADAT Output (Optical), MIDI In/Out/Thru, Sustain Pedal, Footswitch, Expression Pedal, USB (to Host), HD Recording Inputs 1-8 (Standard 1/4 Jack), External Drive (SATA) and of course an AC Inlet. With a 240x128 display and a dedicated controler section, the control of the internal synthesis should be a breeze. Alesis boast the analog engine is their best yet , with comparisons to the A6 Andromeda and the acclaimed ION sure to be made, if the number of filter types is anything to go by (14!) then we shouldn’t be dissapointed. Available in Fusion 6HD and 8HD models (6 having 6octaves and the 8 er – 8) pricing and availability is TBA. We will of course ensure that we check it out in the flesh and glean all we can from the show itself – more details to follow...
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