New Hardware/Software Recording Rig For Guitarists

US Line 6 launches Rifftracker      29/10/04

New Hardware/Software Recording Rig For Guitarists
what better to track your riffs?

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Line 6, Inc. have announced the release of its complete PC-based recording system for guitarists. GuitarPort RiffTracker is an all-in-one rig that lets guitarists quickly record their musical ideas. It consists of GuitarPort hardware, which connects a guitar to a PC, GuitarPort software that provides a complete amp, stomp box and effects tone rig, and RiffWorks™ recording software by Sonoma Wire Works. GuitarPort RiffTracker is focused on guitarists who want to play and record their guitar. Because it’s a complete hardware/software solution, no complex system configuration is necessary. The GuitarPort USB recording interface connects to a laptop or desktop computer and contains all of the connections needed to track guitar and monitor the results using speakers or headphones. Its accompanying GuitarPort software provides a complete amp, stompbox and effects rig based on the PODxt. Included in the RiffTracker package is the recording software, RiffWorks, developed by Sonoma Wire Works. Seamlessly integrated with the GuitarPort hardware and software, RiffWorks can easily and quickly capture guitar-based ideas. Exclusive features in the Riff Recorder enable users to set a tempo and start recording from their guitar. It also creates tracks automatically while recording so a guitarist tracking a solo can record multiple takes or layer parts without a pause. Mark McCrite, Product Line Manager at Line 6 had this to say about the new system “GuitarPort RiffTracker has everything you need to start recording great guitar-based songs. Thanks to the combination of GuitarPort’s record-ready tone, and RiffWorks intuitive recording interface, guitarists now have a simple, pro-quality setup that leaves them free to concentrate on the music instead of the technical details.” Also included in the RiffWorks software is the exclusive InstantDrummer™ feature, for uniquely easy "live" drum tracks. Users pick a groove, count off a tempo, and InstantDrummer™ immediately begins to play a continuously varying drum track and fills using perfectly matched, full kit studio drum recording. InstantDrummer allows users to select from a variety of Drummer Sessions created by Drums on Demand and Sonoma Wire Works. Users can easily dial in different amounts of variation, intensity, and ambience. Other RiffWorks’ features include the ability to open loop files in the REX and REX2 format, and apply up to 7 studio-quality effects per recorded track. Final songs can be mixed as WAV files, suitable for burning to CD or converting to MP3 files. In addition, RiffWorks acts as a ReWire mixer application and can synchronize with Reason, Live, Project 5 and other ReWire synth applications. GuitarPort RiffTracker RRP: £169 GBP More info:
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