AES: Absynth 3 From Native Instruments

Surround enabled, multi-channel and live input      29/10/04

AES: Absynth 3 From Native Instruments
Absynth makes the heart grow fonder

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The original Absynth was a landmark instrument, with a real wow factor to it's sound, it appealed to many, not least the film and television community who found it's giant soundscaping potential a real turn-on. Absynth 3 is set to take the vision even further with the addition of several new features. ABSYNTH 3 is now fully surround-enabled, offering comprehensive multi-channel implementation, powerful new oscillator functions and additional integrated effects. A live input function turns ABSYNTH 3 into a real-time sound mangling tool. Flexible MIDI parameter control and a revised user interface further increase ABSYNTH´s versatility and ease of use. The role of surround sound is rapidly increasing in all areas of music production and sound design, and ABSYNTH 3 delivers: Integrated multi-channel support includes a wide range of formats, ranging from 3.1 and 5.1 up to 7.1 and even 8.0, with dedicated surround panning sections in each oscillator channel. Panning envelopes and LFOs offer far-reaching and convenient control over spatial movement, allowing for animated soundscapes that can be both subtle and overwhelming. Surround integration takes ABSYNTH´s signature evolving pads and complex atmospheres to a completely new level, and existing sounds can easily be adapted to make use of the new features. ABSYNTHs powerful oscillator section is also greatly enhanced, adding a "real-time fractalize" mode and "frequency shifting" modulation to its existing arsenal of subtractive, FM, sampling and granular capabilities. Furthermore, each of ABSYNTH´s oscillators now offers both an optional free-running mode and an additional "unison" function combining up to eight detuned oscillators simultaneously, for increased "analogue feel2 and fat monophonic lines. The new "live input" mode can process up to three external stereo signals at once, routing each into a separate oscillator channel for individual treatment with ABSYNTH´s versatile filter, waveshaping, envelope and effect sections. The revamped user interface of ABSYNTH 3 offers more convenience and control, with a single-window-architecture that reduces screen clutter and improves workflow. The greatly enhanced envelope editor makes working with ABSYNTH´s powerful multi-breakpoint envelopes much easier, thanks to new features like multiple breakpoint selection, copy/paste functionality, and a real-time envelope cursor. ABSYNTH 3 comes with more than 1000 presets, including 256 brand new ones that make use of the added features, as well as over 800 sounds from the previous instalment. ABSYNTH 3 will be available in December 2004 for a suggested retail price of $ 339 / 289 Euro.
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