Yamaha O1X Recieves Industry Award

US Best Computer Music Hardware no less!      18/10/04

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At the UK MIA (Music Industry Association) Awards ceremony awards held recently at a swanky bash in Leicester Square in London town, Yamaha were awarded the best Computer Music Hardware Product for their ground breaking O1X. Voted for by UK retailers, distributors and press the people at Yamaha were rightly chuffed. Yamaha's Peter Peck commented
"We are delighted to receive this award.  01x is a unique product and it is great to see that the musicians and retailers have embraced its versatility and power so quickly. 01x is the foundation stone of the mLAN network.  With this 'stone' in place we are very excited about the on-going evolution of mLAN within the computer music market." Launched at the Frankfurt Music fair in 2003 the 01x captured the imagination of both the music technology press and a huge number of potential users thanks to the creative potential of the device. 01x could function either as an affordable professional digital mixing interface for computer audio systems or as a superb , total recall stand alone mixer for live applications. Offering a total solution for anybody serious about making and  producing music in a computer based environment , thanks to it's mLAN  / firewire compatibility it offered a creative solution to users growing tired of the tedium associated with mouse based mixing  and brought affordable professionalism to the home studio enthusiast and a huge efficiency gain to pro users. Since the product starting shipping it has proved invaluable in a wide variety of situations and Yamaha are delighted with the large numbers of ' early adopters'  exploiting the creative and sonic benefits of the device.  Based around Yamahas tried and tested DSP ( digital signal processing) power the 01x is a powerful and flexible digital mixer that can work as a stand alone mixing console totally operational away from  a computer or as a professional mixing console with a hardware interface that adds analogue – to – digital conversion for use with DAW ( digital Audio workstation) software. The scope of 01x helps ease the transition between roles as musician , recording engineer and mixer maximizing productivity in the studio. 01x was also the first product to feature mLAN technology which guaranteed high-speed audio and MIDI networking between computers, synthesizers and other mLAN devices. Additionally the unit offered low latency audio interfacing over mLAN for both Windows and Macintosh machines and delivered previously unavailable  remote control power  in a single multi –function device.  Adding to the attraction in a wide range of applications is it's DAW support for Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic Audio, digital performer and many other software products. Track- arming, transport control, Plug in editing , mixing, window selection plus much more can be controlled directly from the unit.
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