NAMM: Spiders, But Not From Mars

US All New Spider II 15 and 30 watt amps from Line 6      31/07/04

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Line 6, inventors of digital modelling amps and guitars, have announced the new Spider II 15 and 30 watt guitar amplifiers. each has four amp models, four user presets and six effects. Both amps deliver Clean, Crunch, Metal and Insane amp tones, made from combining the sounds of some classic amps. They also feature 6 different effect types (up to 2 simultaneous) including Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Tape Echo, and Sweep Echo and Reverb plus a distortion boost & noise gate. According to Line 6 they deliver an unprecedented amount of independent amp channels in their price range. Each of the four amp channel models come preset with tone and effects settings carefully crafted by Line 6 sound designers so guitarists can sound like their hero. Steve De Furia, Director of Product Development at Line 6, had this to say of the new amps, “The ‘I can sound like my hero’ experience is a life-changing event for beginning guitarists, we want to be the catalyst for that by delivering instant access to professionally 'dialed-in' tones and features in an amp that anyone can afford.With the push of a single channel button, you get instant recall of preset tones that are essential for any rock guitarist,” Channel recall also allows users to create and store their own customized amp and effects settings for each model. All effects can be easily tweaked and delay times can be adjusted using Tap Tempo. Plus there’s a handy CD/MP3 input jack, and a headphone out which also doubles as a line level recording output. Spider II 15 comes loaded with a custom 8” speaker while the Spider II 30 has a 12” Celestion speaker. For ultimate control the Spider II 30 is compatible with the FBV2 and FBV4 foot controllers providing direct access for up to four customised patches. More info:
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