NAMM: Multi-Effects For Guitar And Bass

Korg Toneworks three new multi-FX units      30/07/04

NAMM: Multi-Effects For Guitar And Bass
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Korg's ToneWorks has introduced three multi-effects units: the AX10G (guitar), AX10A (acoustic) and AX10B (bass) Modeling Signal Processors. All three feature Korg's exclusive REMS technology to deliver accurate models of the world's most sought after amps, cabinets, acoustic guitars and effects units. They also include a built-in expression pedal for real-time control during live performance. Each unit is equipped with 80 programs (40 preset, 40 user), 26 effects (17 in the AX10A) and a knob-based interface that allows users to easily dial up programs and effects via three dedicated select knobs. Bank up/down switches and tap tempo are also included.

The AX10G is for guitarists and has 11 amp and distortion models ranging from some classic tube amp emulations to extreme overdrive/fuzz. Also provided are 11 modulation-type effects such as chorus and tremolo, 11 ambience effects such as delay and reverb, and additional effects including feedback, acoustic simulation, rotary speaker and tape echo. Controls include Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume/noise reduction, plus effects depth/speed.

The AX10A is designed for use with piezo-equipped acoustic and electric guitars. It features models of 10 different acoustics ranging from dreadnought to nylon-string to resonator, plus a condenser microphone simulation, and gives the user the ability to control micing distances for more or less 'air'. The AX10A is also equipped with a collection of 17 effects crafted especially for acoustics: 11 ambient-type effects, 3 pre-effects, chorus, a notch filter and noise reduction. A full complement of controls include Bass, Mid FC, Middle, Treble, Volume/noise reduction, plus effects depth and ambience.

The AX10B provides 11 bass amp models ranging from vintage to modern, from tube sounds to clean bass sounds. Effect types include compressor, 3-band EQ, an octaver to add powerful bottom end, plus numerous modulation and ambience effects. Controls include Mid FC/Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume/noise reduction and effects depth/speed. Additional features for each unit include an AMP/LINE select switch, an Input Low/Hi switch for pickup output and a built-in chromatic auto tuner with mute function for silent onstage tuning. An easy-to-read LED indicator provides an instant visual reference of program information. The AX10G, AX10A and AX10B all feature a heavy-duty chassis and a dual-purpose Line/headphone output jack (stereo 1/4"). They are powered by four AA batteries, providing up to 18 hours of continuous use, or via the optional DC9V adapter. US MSRP for each is $250. More info:
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