SNAMM04:AmpliTube Live Coming To Windows

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SNAMM04:AmpliTube Live Coming To Windows
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IK Multimedia announced the upcoming release of new AmpliTube Live as stand alone application also for Windows in addition to the current version available for MacOS X only. Plus, in a fit of generosity, IK are going to chuck in the AmpliTube LE plugin in every format (VST, Audio Unit, DX and RTAS). - Nice one. More Info From IK
AmpliTube Live and LE include a selection of the world's best guitar amp and effects modeling software, according to the world's leading guitar and recording magazines. AmpliTube Live and LE make it easy to create a vast array of powerful amp sounds on the road and without a heavy amp set up. From lush, warm vintage tones to cutting-edge sonic dynamos, AmpliTube Live and LE put the power of a big stack on your desktop. Here's a more in depth view of what AmpliTube Live and LE can do for your guitar sounds: A huge amp set-up in your computer
Combine 3 different Pre-Amp models and related EQs with 3 accurately emulated cabinets to precisely craft a wide palette of guitar sounds ranging from clean, to crunch, to lead. On-board Effects
A set of 4 classic effects are included, including a spacious Spring Reverb and 3 stomp-like effects including Wah-Wah, Delay and Overdrive, all modeled on acclaimed classic guitar effects. Built-in Tuner
AmpliTube Live and LE are a total solution for guitarists. In addition to a host of amp selections and effects, there's also a chromatic tuner, which makes it easy for players to stay in tune under any conditions. Play live with the same feel as an actual amp
AmpliTube Live and LE plays without any perceivable latency. This means that even the most sophisticated guitarist will feel just like there's a hard-wired amp at the other end of their cord. And it's extremely easy to use with no-need for special hardware or software (works with built-in Windows audio cards) and no special set-up or configuration. Plus its multiple, made-in-Italy, boutique skins give you the right inspiration for every song. 128 presets can be changed using MIDI foot controller
With 128 presets included (64 factory-64 users), you can emulate the widest range of amp sounds, select them live with any general MIDI foot controller (available in AmpliTube Live only), and play your next masterpiece on the most powerful amp-station ever! Compatibility and Pricing
AmpliTube Live for MacOSX and Windows will be priced 99$/99euros and it will be available at the beginning of September 2004 at your favorite IK Multimedia retailer.
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