NAMM: What The F*** Is That?!?

US Keyboard guitar makes its debut      24/07/04

NAMM: What The F*** Is That?!?
Vinson gives it some

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Promoted as a brand new instrument the Keytar was unveiled for the first time at the summer Namm show. Otherwise known as the Williams Keyboard Guitar, the Keytar was invented by Vinson Williams who had this to say about it, "It's a new type of guitar. First there was the acoustic guitar, then there was the steel guitar, then there was the electric guitar, now we have the keyboard guitar. It sounds incredible and it's unbelievably easy to play." The Keytar is primarily constructed out of high grade pre-coated aluminium. The V-1 model weighs 7lbs and measures 45" x 13" x 4", it has an EMG silver active pickup and has 12 chromatically tuned strings, C3 to B3. The neck of the Keytar is played with full size piano keys in place of frets and it can be played acoustically or amplified. After several years in development Vinson Williams is understandably proud of his new instrument which is currently available in seven colours. Here's what his press release says: One of the coolest things about the Keytar is how easy it is to play. A beginning music student could learn enough in a few hours to be able to jam with his or her friends. A traditional guitar would take months to get to the same level of expertise. And the sound is awesome. Plug the V-1 into an effects pedal and it will scream like the pros. You really have to see and hear it to believe it.' Way to go, Vinson!
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