NAMM: Waves Plug-In Musicians With New Bundle

Renaissance Compressor, EQ, Super Tap, Doubler and Renaissance Vox      24/07/04

NAMM: Waves Plug-In Musicians With New Bundle
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Waves continue to find cunning ways to package their popular plug-ins. The Musicians Bundle II carries on their tradition of affordable tools, this one is designed for adding special character with presence, punch, and life to the sound of any track. Featuring two of Waves signature processors Renaissance Compressor and Renaissance EQ - the Musicians Bundle II also includes two delay and ambience tools, SuperTap and Doubler, plus a unique vocal processor, Renaissance Vox. Two plug-ins, the Renaissance Compressor and Renaissance Equalizer (EQ), have been by used by leading artists, engineers, and producers on countless hit tracks. Renaissance Compressor recreates the warm sound and simple operation of classic analog hardware compressors. The Renaissance Compressor features ARC (Auto Release Control) and Opto/Electro modes with a brickwall (L1 style) limiter on the output. Renaissance EQ has user-selectable filter types that respond like classic analog/tube processing, adding air and smoothness while maintaining clarity and space. Offering excellent control for vocals, the Renaissance Vox is designed to be powerful, while also being the world;s easiest compressor to use. Created to enhance and focus vocal clarity while reducing background noise, the Renaissance Vox is ideal for lead vocals, instrument tracks, or radio voiceovers. Additional plug-ins in the Musicians Bundle II focus on time domain effects. The Doubler is a superior automatic double-tracking device that will make any instrument or vocal larger than life, adding depth and dimension to the sound. Employing an innovative combination of delay and pitch modulation, the Waves Doubler creates a whole new gamut of time-domain doubling effects. The SuperTap plug-in features six powerful multi-tap delays with up to six seconds of mono or stereo delay, EQ-style filtering, rotation, gain, and precision control of delay times. In addition, there's the ability to add modulation and different feedback modes, along with tempo/tap pattern insertion. SuperTap can create wild delays, incredible ambient effects, and unique room sounds. A 14-day free demo of the Musicians Bundle II is available from authorized Waves dealers or at
  • The Musicians Bundle II is currently shipping with an MSRP of $200. It is available for native systems via RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX (Win), and MAS (Mac).

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