NAMM: Vestax Unveils CD/MP3 Unit

With vinyl sound emulation and sampling      23/07/04

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Let's face it, vinyl is beginning to look like an endangered species, I've still got my record collection, but I haven't even opened the cupboard that it is in for years. DJ's, while still champions of vinyl, are beginning to feel the attraction of the lighter CD and MP3 solution. Have Vestax added another nail to the coffin with the introduction of the CDX-05 tabletop CD/MP3 player? In addition to reading both CD-R/RW and MP3 files, this front-loading player was designed to give professional DJs the realistic feel of scratching, braking or back spinning vinyl. It also offers features for DJs looking to integrate CDs and vinyl in their performance. Performance functions include: Master Tempo, which allows the DJ to change the BPM without changing the song's key; BPM counter; beat sync for effects; adjustable pitch control (+/-6, 10, 50, 100%); three hot cue points with disc memory; Sampling via a dedicated eight second sampler; seamless loop; plus a built-in, adjustable DJ FX section offering Flanger/Delay/Filter effects. For DJs interested in scratching digital audio but who are more comfortable with the traditional feel and larger size of vinyl, the CDX-05 has a built-in TT-LINK accessory socket, which allows DJs to control basic CD functions via any turntable simply by connecting to the Tascam accessory wheel. An analog filter is beneficial for DJs using authentic vinyl turntables in conjunction with the CDX-05 during live performance. This unique function intelligently adjusts the filter settings to give CD or MP3 tracks the warmth of vinyl. By using the analog filter, DJs can mix seamlessly between CD/MP3 audio and vinyl records. Other features of the CDX-05 include:
  • Brake adjustment
  • Digital outputs
  • Firmware updateable via CD-ROM â?? for future software improvements
  • Clear LCD display (white on black) for easy reading The Vestax CDX-05 will be available in late September at a US MSRP of $750 (with an average street price of $549).

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