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US Valve Reactor technology used      23/07/04

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As well as their re-issue of the classic AC-30 , VOX has introduced the VR30 REVERB and VR15 amplifiers. These 2-channel, 3-mode hybrid amps were designed for players seeking warm tube tone and high quality at an affordable price. The 30 Watt VR30 REVERB and 15 Watt VR15 feature three selectable sounds (Clean, OD1, OD2) and custom VOX speakers (10" for VR30 REVERB; 8" for VR15). The VR30 also features spring reverb. Both amps utilize solid state technology in the preamp stage and VOX's proprietary Valve Reactor power amplifier technology (with built-in 12AX7/ECC83 tube), as found in the award-winning Valvetronix series. The result is superb tone (both vintage and modern) featuring the high harmonic content and compression found on the original VOX AC30 and AC15 amplifiers that are still revered 40 years later. VR30 REVERB and VR15:
  • Channel switching button (Normal/Overdrive)
  • Overdrive Style button (OD1/OD2)
  • Normal (Clean) channel volume control
  • Overdrive channel gain control
  • Overdrive channel volume control (controls the amount of preamp signal that is sent to the Valve Reactor power amp)
  • Footswitch jack
  • Headphone jack
  • External speaker jack VR30 REVERB:
  • Spring reverb
  • Master volume & reverb controls
  • Separate Bass & Treble controls for each channel VR15:
  • Master Bass and Treble controls ABOUT VR TECHNOLOGY
    The VR series represent the next generation of hybrid (utilizing a mixture of technologies - in this case Tube and Solid State) guitar amplifiers. The Preamp stage uses discrete transistors and integrated circuits (ICs) in the parts of the circuit where they are most effective. The discrete transistors are used for sound generation and the ICs for signal management. The Power amp stage uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube in VOX's patented Valve Reactor circuit. This unique VOX technology was originally designed for the award-winning Valvetronix Modeling products, but has been further revised for use in the VR30 REVERB and VR15 amplifiers. HOW DOES IT WORK?
    It utilizes each half of the 12AX7 (the 12AX7 tube is actually two identical tubes in one glass tube a.k.a. dual triode) configured as a small tube power amplifier. This circuit provides all the tonality and feel of an all-tube power amp. This small tube power amp is connected through a virtual output transformer to a larger, completely transparent current feedback solid-state power amplifier that adds no coloration to the tube signal. The power output amplifier feeds the loudspeaker impedance information back into the tube part of the power amp in order to achieve the sound and feel of an all-tube amp.
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